If We Swapped Phones For The Day

My FAVOURITE apps on my phone! Click to read.


Lets Go To: Bradgate Park

Lets Go To: Bradgate Park. Click to read about my day!

Spring To-Do List 2018

SPRING IS HERE... although whilst I am writing this it is currently blizzarding* outside so maybe it wont be getting warm yet... *(definitely a word). I have a few things I'd like to complete this spring, things I maybe haven't done before, and things I do every year. By sharing my to-do list with you,... Continue Reading →

If We Went For Lunch

Today I have a different style of post, a little catch up for you all. It isn't your average favourites or monthly goals, more of a chat. Think if we went to grab lunch together, this is what I'd tell you!

Planning and Rewards

Happy Sunday! It's time for another longer blog post so grab a cup of your favourite drink, stick on a chilled playlist and get your comfy joggers on! (Or if you're like Jason, take them off!) We're already half way through March, which means we're nearly 1/4 of the way through 2018!!

My Make-Up Routine

This is a pretty standard post that I have seen many bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers and everybody else do... So I thought I would too. It's not something I am an expert in but it is something I do on most days.

Trust Me, Trust Them

This post is going to be talking all about trusting someone to help you grow. It isn't always the easiest, and sometimes it doesn't seem like a possible option but it is a step.


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