Out and About

Getting out when the weather is lovely is much easier than when its raining! So I have definitely taken advantage of this fact, whether it’s just a little walk to pick my brother and sister up from school or around a country park. Recently me and Ben went to a gorgeous country park, and if … More Out and About

We Need to Talk.

Long time, no see (or read!) We need to talk though. We  need to talk mental health. We need to spread awareness of mental health and stop glamourizing it and letting our minds ignore it. We need to break the stigma.  It isn’t a ‘rare’ thing anymore, it is very common amongst many of us … More We Need to Talk.

How To: Bath Salts

I LOVE making my own bath salts, because I can really personalise them to myself and the people I am making them for. They’re pretty inexpensive to make but can really make your Friday baths sooo much better… and if you have sensitive skin like me, sooo less painful and itchy! I’ve been making my … More How To: Bath Salts