My First Post!

So, after a lot of thought and debating and idea jotting, I have decided to begin this blog

This time last year I tried to start one, however, didn’t have many ideas and ending up not posting and in the end just deleting it all together. 

This time round I am going to focus on subjects I am passionate about. Ranging from mindful meditation, to diet, to colouring. Variety, yet all linked and related to what I like to call ‘simply busy‘, simple things that you can do whilst maintaining a busy* lifestyle. 2017 is going to be the year for me! 

*(busy varying for different people)

So, a bit about me:
I am a 17 year old girl who is currently not in education or employment (so ironically not very busy in that way), however constantly searching and looking and trying different things in the hope I can find that one job I truly love waking up in the morning for. 

I have suffered with anxiety for many years and dip in and out of depression, normally being a lot worse during summer and winter – when things can get most hectic. However not all is negative (and this blog isn’t going to be a negative place, just positivity) as I have seen multiple people, I have gained techniques and experience that I hope I can share with you that may also help you stay in control (or as much in control as you can be). 

Ive also been a very busy person growing up: going dancing and school and baking and I even did tennis for a while, however the past couple of months/past year things have became very quiet and slow. Never the less I hope by using this platform we can go on a journey together.

I will, like I have mentioned, be posting on topics including: mindfulness, health, wellbeing (which I’m still learning about but I truly believe it should be a priority in everyone’s lives), travel (who doesn’t love a trip away?) and also skincare (because what 17 year old doesn’t have troublesome skin??). It isn’t going to be some ‘weird hippy dippy’ type of blog – I won’t be preaching or forcing anyone to change or do anything, just simply advising and sharing my knowledge and thoughts and ideas.


I think that’s all for now. I currently don’t have a specific schedule on when I will be posting or the pattern of what I will post… Just going to play it by ear for the first few. 

Anya xxx

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