Finally the Weekend!

It’s that time of the week that everyone LOVESSSS! Or so people may think, sometimes the weekends truly are what people dread. I remember even just a few months ago: weekends, days off, school holidays etc. were just times I loathed! I would sit in my room, binge watch TV, be completely unproductive, eat rubbish food, constantly complain to my mum how boooooored I was and then repeat again the next week and just get stuck in this constant unproductive, boring cycle.

(Okay, every now and then it is great to just have a weekend of nothing. Nothing can be nice… if done right. Technically there is no wrong way to do nothing, so I am using the term lightly, but… The problem with doing nothing so often is like an unplanned nap: yno the kind of nap that you’re trying so hard not to have then suddenly its an hour and a half later and you feel completely rubbish and worse than before? That’s kinda how it feels to have every weekend the same, doing nothing)

People enjoy doing different things at weekends and most people love the spontaneity it can hold. The seeing people 5 minutes after texting if they want to do something, getting dressed up, going out drinking, having meals with groups of friends.. me however – like many others – don’t enjoy the freeness (to an extent). By this I mean, I want to enjoy it, I want a plan that I can look forward to that isn’t just sitting on my bum all weekend feeling sorry for myself because I cant just spontaneously plan something and overthinking everything. Over time I have produced a mental self plan – it isn’t strict or time set, it isn’t do or die, but it helps. It adds structure.


My Weekend Routine (ish) :

  • Self care !!!! This is sooooo important and the main thing that your weekend should be about. In the week everything happens so quickly and without thought so it is important to take your Friday evening to be an evening of self care and loving.
  • Treat yourself.
    1. Have a quick tidy up of your room and make sure your bed is all neat and clear (even whack your sheets in the wash whilst you’re out on the Friday if possible so they’re also clean), try to clear anywhere that has gotten messy or cluttered: desk, ‘the chair’, floordrobe (everyone has that one spot in their room – or multiple in my case – that things will just get dumped there when in a rush and you promise yourself you’ll put it back later and never do!).
    2. Try and have a ‘special’ evening. Have a bath with that expensive/lush smelling bath bomb you’ve been saving. Whilst in the bath put on a facemask and take pleasure in drawing all the dirt out of your face that has built up over the week (guilty pleasure that nobody admits to). Wash all the rubbish out your hair (I know from volunteering recently at a nursery, as much as I adore it, at the end of the week really deeply washing you hair is so important because the amount of sand and paint and glitter that accumulates is amazing! but also unwanted).
    3. Spend a little extra money on some snuggly comfy pyjamas, get all snug in your bed, have a fruit salad or a sticky toffee pudding – which ever catches your fancy that normally you’d say you’re too busy to for. Stick on a film or listen to music, or read a book, meditate, colour, or a combination of everything!
    4. But make sure you have a nice early night (early could be 6pm or 11pm) but try maybe an hour before you would normally go sleep/before 12pm.
    5. Saturday wake up naturally, if possible or set an alarm for about 8/9ish, it’s good to sleep in but it’s also nice to wake up and be fresh and awake. (I wake up pretty early on weekends, however my boyfriend prefers to sleep in… if he’s not with me, otherwise he doesn’t have a chance past 8pm!)
    6. Have plans, plans that are chilled and fun. Get out and do something, something different and new OR something nostalgic and relive an old memory. Saturday evening do what YOU want to do.
      (Which leads me to another point that I was going to talk about, but considering the length of this post already… shall be another post!)
    7. Sunday, this is stereotypically the day of rest so why not just spend the day in pyjamas?! My little sister is insistent that she does not get dressed on a Sunday. Prepare yourself for the week ahead. Plan out the week, what is happening, what you will eat, evening plans, even what you’re going to wear. Being prepared and organised is not lame and if you use colourful pens it definitely isn’t boring! Get an early night, and use sleep sprays and eye masks and calming music to ensure you get the best sleep to start the week off well.


So, one final point before I stop talking and get on with my weekend!

Somewhere within your weekend, maybe on a Sunday, just take a step back. Stop your overthinking mind that’s going over all the dreadful things that have happened that week and how it could get so much worse the next week.
Take a step back and just think about all the thing you have been grateful for this week. Maybe your dad took you to school so you didn’t have to walk, maybe your brother got you some chocolate from the store, maybe your boss gave you a compliment for your work, maybe you looked after you. Just go through and think about everything positive. Don’t even think about the negatives!
Thank people, send them a little message saying thank you and wish them the best for the week ahead of them, you could even send them a card if they did something a bit more. There is so many gratitude diary’s floating around at the moment but you could just use a notepad and keep it by your bedside to do either daily or weekly. I feel these really just help to rethink and look at the week like ‘well I survived it and (by writing 3 thing a day) there was actually at least 21 thing I have been grateful for.

Anyyyyyyway, I’m going to get on with my weekend now! There is a lush bath bomb calling my name!

Anya xxx

P.S. If you ever have anything you would like me to write/ramble about please let me know and also if there maybe was something you wasn’t so keen on (e.g. this post being about 729174948 years long!!), any feedback is good feedback.


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