How To: Bath Salts

I LOVE making my own bath salts, because I can really personalise them to myself and the people I am making them for. They’re pretty inexpensive to make but can really make your Friday baths sooo much better… and if you have sensitive skin like me, sooo less painful and itchy!

I’ve been making my own for a couple of months now. I gave a few as Christmas presents and I regularly make them for my family to use. I’ve always been interested in aromatherapy and the benefits from it and I’ve always loved baths when I realised just how easy it was to do I was overjoyed!

Generally you are going to need essential oils, however knowing which to use can become pretty confusing – you can either go by scent or by property (the rosemary caddy books are excellent for explaining their benefits). You’ll also want a little mixing pot and mixing rod.

The things you may need to purchase/gather for bath salts:

  • Epsom or Himalayan salts (both these salts are AMAZING for your skin and pretty inexpensive)
  • Jam jars or coffee jars – this is to put the salts in
  • With the jars, I like to wrap a little bit of ribbon round – to make them look a bit more fancy
  • Sticky labels – these are everywhere and so cheap, the reason for this is you want to know which salt is which and what is in each (I have a diary of recipes, however in each tub of salts I will just list the smellies I have included and even name them)
  • Cosmetic glitter – this is completely optional, however just a little pinch will leave your skin glowing after your bath, and who doesn’t want that? plus you can get little packs for about £1 off!
  • Carrier Oil – coconut is normally what I tend to use as it doesn’t have much of a scent, but any would be fine.
  • Essential Oils

    Now we’ve covered the things you’ll need.. lets go onto the fun stuff!!!

    To make the bath salts I use Epsom salts. I tend to use roughly 30tbsp of salt, as this fills a standard coffee jar size and does about 6 baths. 

    Into the separate mixing pot you’ll want 2tbsp of carrier oil. Also have a small spoon or mixing rod to mix the oils. 

    Now comes the real fun part – the choosing of the essential oils! Take a look through the Rosemary Caddy book, or the internet and see which oils are for you.. or have a smell and see which ones you would like to smell like! 

    Add up to about 15 drops into the carrier oil and mix, start off with just a few if you’re mixing and build up. Then slowly pour and mix into the salts you have in the jar. (Shaking the jar once the lid on also helps to disperse the oil a bit quicker.)

    I like to label my jars with my own little names, which comes in handy when wanting to know what they are! Just standard sticky labels do the job but feel free to go for something a bit more fancy. I also add a bit of ribbon around the top to make it less coffee jar like!

    As I am making I have scrap paper nearby and will quickly write down the amount of drops and what oils I used, then later write up nicely in a notepad I have purely for mixes.

    This is one of my favourite blends at the moment! 

    Why not give it a try ??

    A little different to my normal posts but it’s something I love doing so I thought I would share it with you! Let me know what mixes you try and make sure you follow to get notifications when I post. 

    Anya xxx

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