Stratford Adventures

So far, I have shared advice and discussed tips on how to keep control… however today I’ve decided to do something different.

Recently I have been to Stratford twice and really enjoyed my experience (minus one section) so I thought I would share that with you.

(This post is mainly going to be a lot of pictures and little writing)

First time:

William Shakespeare’s Birthplace and New Place :

Walking round here was lovely, not everywhere was open and I only managed to get to two of the houses, but the passes allow you to go all year round so maybe next time.

Boston Tea Party – New favourite place with my favourite person :
There menu here is absolutely amazing, there is a few dotted around the country I think! I had sweet potato fries the first time with a raspberry lemonade.. I then went again the next morning and I had the brown rice porridge which was loooovely! 

Zizzi’s for pizza (because who doesn’t like pizza???)
 I had a gluten free cheese pizza.. which tasted lovely the next morning.

Butterfly Gardens (WAS TERRIFYING!! Not the place to go if you’re Lepidopterophobic)
The butterflies were very beautiful (for the few seconds I opened my eyes) however, I was terrified and screamed most of the way round – maybe slightly embarrassing, whilst 3 year olds were loving it and they’ve got to see a 17 yr old girl crying all the way round!! Oops!

I then recently went again with my mum, because I loved it so much!
The weather was so much nicer this time round, still a bit chilly, but the sky was blue all day and it was also pretty quiet as we went on a Tuesday.

I practically dragged my mum to Boston Tea Party, because I loved it so much the first time, and tried to get her to buy some of the breakfast… but as soon as she see’s caramel shortcake, there’s no convincing her otherwise! I had the brown rice porridge again.. perhaps time to try and make it at home soon?!?!

I got some lovely dungarees from the White Stuff, the staff were also really lovely.. and they offer free foody treats inside!!

After going for breakfast we went for a little shop in the works, where we bought way too many baby books for my new little cousin, a theory book for me (I PASSED ON SATURDAY), and mum (because she’s a maths teacher) got a maths joke book, who knew that was a thing?!?

After reading by the river for a while, we then popped to The Fourteas, before heading home. Here I had a gluten and dairy free Scone with jam and cream and a peppermint tea, Mum had a normal scone with jam and butter and a mocha.

On the way home, we then popped into a garden centre and picked up a few plants. 

But until then, as I volunteer at a nursery, I am going to enjoy being away from sticky fingers, glitter and sand.

Anya xx

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