We Need to Talk.

Long time, no see (or read!)

We need to talk though.

We  need to talk mental health. We need to spread awareness of mental health and stop glamourizing it and letting our minds ignore it. We need to break the stigma. 

It isn’t a ‘rare’ thing anymore, it is very common amongst many of us whether we would like to accept it or not!

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem. – https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/statistics/mental-health-statistics-uk-and-worldwide

There a few ways to go about this and I am going to share a couple with you.

First of all – research.

You cannot just assume that all people who suffer with depression are ‘just sad’, and that all people who suffer anxiety are ‘just shy’, and people who suffer eating disorders are ‘just fussy’… there is WAY more to it!

The best place to look is not just Wikipedia, or that Buzzfeed article you’ve seen on Facebook but for information on genuine support sites… there is LOADS. There is factual information mixed with ways to support, forums, personal stories and resources. I will insert some below for you to read:







Even if someone is okay, they may not be. Just because you cannot see what is going on it doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. It isn’t always visible or physical.

Whether you suffer or you know someone else who does, whether it is diagnosed or not, support is always essential! You need to support yourself and also support others who may need it, however always recommend that they do go and see a professional as well as talking things out with you.

Which leads me to my next point…

Talk about it!

Talk about how you’re feeling with those you love and trust. Take just 5-10minutes out of your day to sit down with somebody and just let out however you’re feeling. Building it all up inside will just further the problem and eventually it will all come out in some big mess and send you back to the start all over again!

When talking to others you may find that they are also going through similar situations to you… from there you are able to share your own personal pick me ups and bits of helpful advice you’ve received… together you can both motivate each other to overcome and regain the control and spread the awareness to other friends, who may also share similar feelings. 

Speaking of talking about it… I have a lot more to say, however I am going to save it for another blog before I bombard you with so much information it sends you into overload (or to sleep!)

I am going to try and upload a lot more regularly… however, no promises. 

Anya xxx


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