Happy International Day of Happiness!

Happy International Day of Happiness (what a long name), I hope you are well and… happy, on this… wonderful Monday!

So, you may not know… infact you probably don’t, but I have wrote a blog post for DARKSPOTS.

Darkspots, is a monthly subscription box all to do with mental wellbeing and goodness! At only £10 a month, it’s fairly affordable compared to some of the more well known boxes.

They are a new business and therefore the first box is not until April 1st (which is actually approaching very fast), but you can receive 50% off by using the code WELCOME17, that’s only £5 for your first box!!

Occasionally I shall be providing content for the blog regarding positivity, however there will be various other posts as well by other writers.


Onto the blog :

Let’s face it being positive can sometimes feel like the most unrealistic thing you could do in an event… or even day to day. In our lives today being negative is a lot easier, everything that is shown on social media and the news seems to be getting more and more grey, but is certainly not the best way to be! With a bit of help, we are going to change that mindset. We are going to improve the way that we think, to become an all-round more positive cheery and content person!

Find the positives.

Keeping a diary. Or more specifically, a gratitude diary. This is such a simple way to keep track of positives and anything you may have been grateful for that day! All you need is a notebook or diary of your choice and a nice pen, the more colourful the better! (you can buy gratitude diaries online; however, we think creating one yourself is a lot more enjoyable and cost effective)

Each day ensure that just before bed you are writing down (or you could even doodle/stick in photos) at least 3 things you are grateful for. These could be big things e.g. a holiday, a car or something a lot smaller (that still mean a lot to you) e.g. a friend buying you sweets or a good luck message.

By doing something as simple as this and dating it each time, you can look back on days and realise the positives that you got from it. You can also see that, many many good things do happen, even on the most rubbish of days!

Anya xxx

I’d just like to say THANK YOU, to all of you who read my posts! Remember to follow to receive instant updates when I post.

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