Kensington Adventures

Long awaited blog post that I completely forgot to write!!

About a month ago, Ben and I visited Kensington for a long weekend and it was amazing!!

I’d probably said everyday since he’s known me how much I would love to go Kensington for the day, so when he told me we were going for 2 nights I was overjoyed.

Instantly I started planning places I wanted to go, the obvious being the museums and Harrods (of which we did) but we also did a lot of walking that I hadn’t taken into consideration when I packed my dr.martens (I shall spare you the sight of my heels, however, they weren’t pretty at all!!)

Trains there (for someone who never uses trains) was pretty much a breeze, running across platforms with multiple heavy bags wasn’t the easiest but they were all pretty much on time and we got a seat every time!

We then got into Kensington and realised, how are we getting to the hotel?

The hotel itself, I shan’t mention, however did not have the most polite staff but the room was fairly standard minus a dodgy radiator.

Anyway lets not bore you with small details:

(I have no photos of the science museum??? How this has happened I have no idea but I can assure you this was the first place we went and it was so so good… minus me nearly passing out because I was hungry!)

We went to Zizzi’s for dinner and obviously had pizza!
On the Saturday we then went to the Natural History Museum


And saw the fairly big whale


The buildings are so pretty


I was also treated to a Harrods bear, which considering they all look the same took me ages to choose which I wanted!


We were then dead from walking all day and decided we’d treat ourselves to a Starbucks (where we have learnt we LOVE Peach Green Tea Lemonade)


I had a pizza.. again and Ben had some sort of pasta dish at Ask Italian after booking whilst in Starbucks upon realising we had made no dinner reservations!


Then we visited the Design Museum on the Sunday before heading home
Which was very quiet
But also very interesting


I would 100% recommend going to Kensington, it isn’t quite as busy as central London, however it is busy enough! Plenty to do and even just walking around was so so lovely… We did have a train disaster on the way home and got lost in Euston underground unable to find where to go to get to the overground… but we did make it home in time for bed!


And just before I go, can I just mention the size of the Free From section in Sainsbury’s there!! Being gluten, lactose, onion and garlic intolerant and a vegetarian and still manage to be fussy… I was in HEAVEN! 

Anya xxx



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