All Things Bright and Beautiful

Spring has finally began! *cue hayfever!!!*

Everything is changing again: the flowers are coming out, the clocks have changed, the nights are lighter, salads are back in and everyone generally seems a lot lighter.

However, because everything is changing that means new/different things that you aren’t used to! (like I say most times) for a large portion of people these changes will go completely unnoticed, they happen every year what’s so different? However for those who love things to just stay the same this can be a little more challenging!

We can save all this though by just a few little routines and plans. If you are feeling a little more lethargic than usual then settling down even 10 minutes earlier than normal could help you to get back into routine (I tend to try go to bed about 10 and fall asleep around 10:30). Waking up, is however, made a lot easier – when the weather is nice AND you’re not tired – as it’s lighter and fresher. And throughout the day try and get a few little walks during lunch breaks or whenever may be possible. 

We can conquer our days with lots of bright stuff. Spring is the best time to bring out your colourful side! Put on that bright pink lippy you’ve been dying to wear, and the matching pink eyeshadow that has hints of shimmer in. Wear a floral tshirt that’s covered in brightly coloured flowers. Mix up your lunches, because salad is coming back in season and who doesn’t love a brightly coloured lunch that’s also good for you? Wear your sneaky blue socks that have sheep on for work. Use bright coloured pens to do your adult colouring, or even just for jotting down some notes. Incorporating bright colours into your life, even if its just something small will make thing seem a little brighter, even on the greyest of days!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer with hay fever, try having a flower or two in your room.

“Green spaces will always make you feel less stress in the environment,” says Kopec. “But bouquets of flowers are associated with happy events, happy thoughts, and happy feelings. Bouquets and cut flowers have a stronger meaning attached to them and are going to promote stronger emotions.”

Plants are also great at purifying the air in the room which also makes you feel great!

So let’s brighten up, the sun is shining (most of the time) so let’s shine as well! 

Anya xxx

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