Out and About

Getting out when the weather is lovely is much easier than when its raining!

So I have definitely taken advantage of this fact, whether it’s just a little walk to pick my brother and sister up from school or around a country park.

Recently I went to a gorgeous country park, and if you live nearby you will definitely know which one it is! It was a gorgeous inexpensive (probably went too overboard on buying snacks, but who doesn’t love food??) trip. It was simple and it was definitely too hot for a hoodie.

But, I got some lovely photos and decided I am going to share them with you.

Its the kind of place that is lovely rain or shine, especially when it involves an ice pole and chips!

Make the most of this sunshine before its too hot to move, walk around your town or go a little further to explore more serene areas!

“There have been a number of studies recently about the impact of [exercise and diet] on depression and anxiety,” says Rachel Boyd. “They can make a bigger difference than antidepressants.”

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