We’re Going To The Zoo

Sooooo, I haven’t posted in a while, oops! But I am back and I have some more adventures and posts to share with you! *YAY*

On the 4th of June, Ben and I headed to the Zoo, and what a lovely day it was!

We started the day off with sweets for breakfast (healthy!!) and got a little picnic for lunch from the shop, then off we went.

We got to see nearly all of the animals, we even saw the leopard!

I desperately tried to get a photo of at least one just standing up, but they appeared to be very camera shy!

However, I’m not too sure he was happy about being photographed either whilst eating his lunch… But neither would I!

And Ben even convinced me to do the goat walk (he was so pleased with himself!)

It was such a lovely day out in the fresh (besides general animal smell) air, and I even ate (one too many) fresh donuts (which were definitely NOT gluten free… worth it though!)

AND LAST OF ALL I GOT TO SEE THE MEERKATS!!! Just look at its cute little face!

There will be more regular posts coming soon, I promise! I have also started a YouTube channel, where you can see a little more of my Zoo trip.

But for now,

I shall see you next post.

Anya xxx


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