I Survived Kos 6.7!

Long long time, no speak/see!

I haven’t posted for too many months just due to life and ‘stuff’ but I am writing today so that’s a start!

A few weeks ago I went to Kos, and I’ve decided to share that little (longest 2 weeks ever!) adventure with you!

Kos is beautiful and truly somewhere I would recommend going to! Its so open and fresh, okay its not the most developed but the unfinished look is what makes it Kos! I had visited before for a week many year ago, however we went all inclusive and rarely ventured out of the complex which was great as a kid… However this time we (my family) are all a little more grown up so decided that self catering was the best bet for us to experience the islands true beauty!

It’s the kind of holiday that you know you’re going to either love or hate because of the heat, once stepping off the plane you are instantly hit with the warmth – so arriving at 10pm was probably best for us (dressed in our usual fully covered British attire!)

Once arriving, we quickly got changed and went straight for dinner. We didn’t put much thought into where and we didn’t stay out long, we just came straight back and straight sleep.

The first day was glorious: the sun was beaming; everyone around the pool was so happy and relaxed; the pool was icy cold, but in the best way; and as always all the kids instantly made friends with each other!

Then came the night time, the night I and many many other fellow Kos/Bodrum people will never forget. The sheer panic at 1:31AM when the island turned to jelly. We had been hit by the 6.7 magnitude earthquake, and then again by the 6.3. It was terrifying.

HOWEVER, I am not here to share the *horrors* of the ‘killer earthquake’, because that’s been covered EVERYWHERE. I am here to applaud the wonderful locals, especially the staff at Smargardi Apartments – where we were staying. The understanding calm words and the can-do attitude was the best thing that they could have given us. Even when we sat in the reception till 4AM, and were asking the most advanced or bizarre things for the next 2 weeks they always had a sensible and sensitive answer. Shops and restaurants were destroyed, and yet within the next 2 days (even with 4.7 earthquakes still happening frequently) everything was restored (almost) to normality.

I must admit, Kos health and safety is a little strange…

In the end, apart from feeling a little wobbly for the next two weeks we had a wonderful holiday! Here are some photos to prove it: 

This was the most gorgeous beach bar, unfortunately we didn’t find it until the last day 😦

My 9 year old sister took this wonderful snap and I must say I am incredibly jealous!!
Remember, even in the most terrifying times – nothing is ruined! There’s always positives even in negative situations.

(I also made some wonderful friends there which was pretty cool!!)

Until next time,
Anya xxx


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