Life Update: August 2017

So, if you’re a regular YouTube watcher or Blog reader you’ll have seen people do ‘Monthly Favourites’ – well… that is sort of what I have decided to do (but with a little twist). 

Basically, each month I am going to, or at least attempt to, share with you at least 5 things I have loved: whether that’s a place, food, smell, sound, feeling etc. I am then going to include 5 goals (I think that’s reasonable) be it small or big, and then share with you in the next month whether I have achieved these and if not how I am going to achieve them next month!
So August, what have I been loving about you?

Lets start with a smell, Zoella Lets Sprtiz has been my absolute saviour this month. Due to being a waitress and getting very hot and sweaty, sometimes its nice to freshen up before stepping outside into public! This scent is very light and fruity – but not in your face! It is also very affordable and with the amount that I use, is an absolute blessing!!

Number 2, glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter? I’ve found an eyeshadow that really isn’t a very good coverage for the eyelid, however it works absolute wonders on your cheeks for a glowing finish! I have no idea what brand it is as the packaging has rubbed off, but any kind of glitter will do – whether you’re going for a full face of makeup or just having a mascara and brows kinda day.

My next favourite is baggy tops, and I know that it really isn’t a flattering look at all but… comfort is something I will always choose first and they are comfy!! You can wear them with jeans, or dungarees or pinafore dresses or leggings or if you’re really daring (unlike me) with tights! I tend to steal my dads, but any kind of mens tops tend to work… women’s tops just seem to be too fitted even if you go up a size! (Although the one in the photo is an oversized top from pretty little thing)

Netflix and chill? You can never go wrong with Netflix, I have recently been watching Ozark. Now, I’m a Disney, kids films, rom-coms kinda gal but Ozark has changed me! I just could not stop watching it!! It’s definitely got a little bit of gore in there so if you’re not a fan of a random murder then, maybe it isn’t for you… But otherwise this is definitely worth a watch (little warning though: there is strong language and certain awkward scenes, that I quickly skipped through!)

Anddddd my final favourite of August, you wonderful month, is Salmon. Frozen salmon fillets. This just seems to be something I am constantly craving, and since it’s so easy to cook then it’s silly to say no to! I simply put the oven on 200C, oil the salmon and some tinfoil, sprinkle on salt and pepper (wrap in the tinfoil) and pop in the oven for 23 minutes. I like it with brown rice, but you could have it with chips or veg or anything else that takes your fancy!

September Goals:

  1. My first goal is a big goal, however hopefully easy to achieve. To pass my driving test (fingers crossed). I’ve been learning off and on since I turned 17 – so to have this passed would not only be a wonderful money saver but also a lot of stress instantly alleviated!
  2. To sort my face out! When I was on holiday my skin cleared up so so much making me feel a lot more confident, yet since coming back home the acne party has started all over again.
  3. To start an online course. This is also quite a big one as it requires research into the right course for me (and also to make sure I am not wasting my money!) I dropped out of college at the end of my first year in sixth form, and going back has never appealed to me – however learning is one of my favourite things to do so to find something online would be amazing!
  4. To read another book. I’m not sure which book yet, but I loved reading on holiday and even if I just give myself half an hour a day and even if I only read half the book that would be a step forward!
  5. My last goal for September is to do more cooking and baking! I absolutely love it however I just never make time, so I am going to make time and cook myself some wonderful treats (and I might even share them…)

Hopefully this type of post encourages at least one post a month!!

Anya xxx

2 thoughts on “Life Update: August 2017

  1. I’ve started re-reading all of the Harry Potter books πŸ™‚ I’ve forgotten so much of the details because I remember the films more so it’s like reading them for the first time again πŸ˜…
    All the best with your driving test! My instructor said to treat it like any other lesson. At the time it sounded stupid but when I did my test it actually helped me relax a bit πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah that’s lovely! Harry Potter is just something I have never gotten into, however I feel like now I am an ‘adult’ it is almost my duty to at least give them another go!
      Thank you! Unfortunately my test didn’t go as planned, (there’s a little post coming Friday about my experience!) but that is very good advice! I will be sure to use it next time πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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