Pre-Uni Catch-Up!

Katie is off to university, which is crazy because I feel like we’re basically still 4 years old and starting primary school together (as if that was 14 years ago?????). So, we decided we would do an ‘adult’ girlie road trip before she disappears to be even more grown up!

The initial plan was to go to Leamington Spa, so that is exactly what we did! Despite the rain and the black clouds and me having absolutely no money left, we battled through and had the most lovely morning.

We walked around the town for a little while, pretending we weren’t totally lost, expressing how lovely everything looked compared to our town and then we started delving into a few shops…

And of course we got hungry and fancied something to warm us up so popped into Nandos (which was only my second time in 18 years that I have ever been into Nandos) and had a small lunch before we headed to the Art Museum:

After pondering the streets of Leamington for a few hours, we decided we would drive over to Stratford Upon Avon as the weather started to brighten up and we didn’t want the day to end just yet!

We visited Boston Tea Party – favourite place to eat & chill; we wishlisted around LUSH and Jack Wills; and we sat by the river and watched the swans bob around.

Then it was time to say goodbye and go back home, via Coventry city centre… which was definitely (not) part of the plan!

I had a lovely day and I’m so sad that she’s now off to a university that’s a 6 hour drive away :(… However that definitely calls for another trip (and another trip means another blog post!!!)

Anya xxx

My outfit for the day

Top and Shoes : Vans
Skirt, Belt and Choker : New Look

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