SAY YES : 5K Inflatables Run

Just a short blog today :

A few months ago I, without giving it much thought, agreed to doing a 5K inflatables run… little did I know that it would come round so quickly and actually be happening!!!
Normally if it was a race I would definitely not even think twice about doing it (it would be an instant no!), but this time it was a little different.

No times, no competition, no seriousness just complete fun! I ran (also speed walked, galloped, side stepped, backwards ran, skipped and everything else) around the track and elegantly tripped over the inflatables…

I was completely dead afterwards and have realised my true fitness level is 0… but it was such a lovely day! And the weather held out which is a massive bonus 😁

This also meant I got to sport my amazingly bright pink trainers and do my sisters hair, win win! 

And I got a super shiny medal!

Anya xxx

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