Want to see more?

Want to see more photos and posts? Things I’ve been loving, things I’ve been doing and things I dream of doing?

Check out my Pinterest :

Check out my Instagram :

I have a silly amount of posts on my Instagram, however I am slowly getting a theme going and loving what it looks like! I find Instagram stories also such a great thing to use to share what I have been up to you live with everyone (whether they want to see or not!)
Pinterest is something that I am very new to and I still get completely lost sometimes finding myself on pages that I can’t get off of etc. but I am learning and it seems to be a great platform with some wonderful people on! If anybody has any tips on how to use it, little tricks or just amazing boards to be following please let me know!!
Today was just a short blog, a shameless plug really! But I felt it was only right to share these two platforms with you as I am known to fall off the bandwagon sometimes with these posts (however I have hopefully got a schedule to be following now!) but I am sure to be posting on those two if you would like to see what I am getting up to!
Anya xxx

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