Story Time : I FAILED!

So… Remember my monthly goals? And my first one was to pass my driving test… Well… That didn’t happen!

I’ve been having lessons off and on for the past year.


At first I just didn’t seem to be progressing so I gave it a little rest for a few months. I then switched instructor and continued my lessons… I saw my confidence in driving soar and over the summer this year I have been driving my mum around (mainly to my work and back) only staling once! Thank you car behind for being patient, however to the car behind you.. LEARN HOW TO BE PATIENT AND STOP BEEPING YOUR HORN YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!

Then came the big day, my test! I’d had a lesson the evening before and was feeling pretty confident and relaxed, 90% of the time I am a pretty good driver I was just praying I wasn’t having an off day on my test!
The lesson before the test flew by, we covered all the basics: roundabouts, speeds, show and tell, manoeuvres, strange junctions etc and I felt strangely relaxed at the thought of my test.
Then came the test, the drive itself was fine, I was calm and relaxed and prepared… even if I did forget the keys to the car at first (oops)…
3 minutes into the test… the examiner had to put on the breaks because the car dropped back slightly as I went to pull off… INSTANT FAIL.
Obviously I continued the test and stayed as chilled as possible but I knew it was all over and the next 37 minutes were the longest ever! Days could have passed for all I knew!
But I have re-booked and have high hopes for next time! Fingers and toes and everything else crossed for October…
If anybody has any driving tips or test hacks let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear them! Or drop me an email in the ‘Say Hello!’ section.
Anya xxx
(P.S. Apologises for the memes, this won’t be a regular occurrence I just didn’t have any relevant photos and it looked a lil’ boring!)
(P.P.S Also please let me know if all the paragraphs seem to be bunching together or if it is just my laptop?? It is very annoying!)

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