How to : Lazy Evening!

Tired? Stressed? Got some spare time? I recommend having a lazy evening!

And yes mum, before you mention… I do have a lazy evening nearly every night… I’m just a lazy evening person!
Lazy evenings are great if you struggle with sleep, like I do! They’re so simple to do and after a while they just become natural, meaning absolutely no effort required!
Step 1: First things first, start with dinner – a good dinner, full of veggies and protein and other yummy stuff to really fill you up and make you feel good!
Step 2: Run a bath, what’s a lazy evening without a bath? Incorporate your favourite bedtime smellies, anything with calming scents – the most common being lavender or ylang ylang, but everyone is different! Or you could even use your bath salts that you have made!
Step 3: Put on some relaxing music, my favourite is acoustic songs but you could listen to jazz, pop or even rap if that’s what chills you out! Make sure that you don’t go OTT with the aesthetics of the room though, it isn’t essential to have rose petals everywhere and candles lit… The less faff the better!
Step 4: Wash your hair with a hair mask! I do this once every two weeks. I’ve completely cut out using any other kind of conditioner since going on holiday as my hair just doesn’t have the need for it, even with it being bleached! But it still is important to have a deep condition every now and then (and my hair mask smells of banana milkshake, what more could you want?!)
Step 5: PJ time! This is probably my most awaited time of the day, getting into my pyjamas! Comfy and clean is the key to feel truly relaxed.
Step 6: Now that you’ve washed your hair with a deep condition, let it airdry naturally, or if you will be wanting to straighten it the next morning (if you’re a curly like me) with minimum fuss put it into some quick plaits that can easily be brushed out.
Step 7: Stick on a film or a TV series you’ve been loving, watch a documentary of some lighthearted comedy. Don’t put too much thought into what you’re going to watch, it’s less about the content more about the relaxing!
Step 8: at around 8:30PM I tend to rummage through the cupboard only to emerge back into the lounge with a snack, some nights I overindulge and regret it as soon as I lie down to sleep, so don’t go crazy… choose your snack wisely and eat it slowly!
Step 9: I find 10PM is a great bedtime that works for me! I go to the toilet (to save the annoyance of just getting comfy then needing to go toilet later), wash my face and apply my face mask, then make sure I’ve turned off the bathroom light (as it leaks into my room under the crack of the door), turn off my light and then hop under the covers!
Step 10: It tends to take me about half an hour to an hour to get comfy and settle down as I am a well known ‘fidgetbum’, but with doing this routine getting comfy and drifting off always happens a lot quicker!
Sweet dreams!
Anya xxx
(I also made a shorter one for my younger sister as she suffered from restless nights and it has worked a treat!)

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