I tried…


I tried to do themed posts once a week, and then I tried doing themed posts once a day, then a few times a day …


None of these have gone to plan, 1. Because of the pressure I put on myself to ensure it’s on time and to high quality and 2. Life happens and unfortunately I don’t have motivation 24/7 or free time all the time… so I have decided to post when I want and what I want whether it be a long post or short…

This blog ultimately is for me to share my journey and also my life so why am I not just doing that?

I’m a perfectionist and I like things to be amazing and wonderful all the time and I can never settle for anything less – resulting in me just giving up! (Which isn’t a good option!!)

From now on my posts are going to be completely random… no themes, no rules, no strict times or dates.

They’ll vary from how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, where I am – both mentally and physically, what I think, what I’m wearing etc…

Anya xxx

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