It’s October!

October is here already??? And it’s already the 10th, where has the time gone?!

I have said that I won’t be doing themed posts as it’s a lot of pressure to stick to the theme… however I am still going to continue my monthly favourites and goals (they just may be randomly posted during the month, as opposed to a select date)

Anyway, without rambling anymore… October what have I been loving about you?

1. Paloma Faith… this has been something I have loved for a long time however I’ve never really put much thought into it… however recently on the bus I have became that girl with her earphones in but it’s all been for Paloma!

2. I have been absolutely loving Pinterest!! At first I was a little confused with how it all worked… how do you make a board? How do you pin? How do you even search????? And no I’m making boards for EVERYTHING. It’s not only great for everyday, I also use it loads for college!!! Win win.

3. Fineliners. Oh my goodness. Fine liners are great… fineliners when doing a scale drawing are even better. They’re so satisfying to write in or to draw in. Everything about them is so fineeeeee. I just have a pack from Wilkos, but if you’re all about the brands and big monies I’m sure you can find some a lot more expensive for the same quality!! (I’d just stick to Wilkos if I was you!)

4. The Great British Bake Off. Am I a true Brit if I don’t watch this ??? No. Okay okay so it has changed and the only thing left is the basic concept and Paul, but the new hosts are still pretty great and the baking is still just as fabulous and the memes created from said show and still beautiful. I must confess I do watch it on catch up because I ALWAYS seem to miss it, but I’m always caught up in time for next week!! (Oh and btw my favourite baker is Liam)

5. Porridge. Porridge is such a common thing and I’m very sure you have heard of it by now!! I have fallen back in love with making my own gluten free and lactose free porridge, adding nutmeg and cinnamon to make it extra tasty. It’s just so easy and fairly quick and keeps me full for hours (especially with the amount I make…)

Now let’s take a look back on last months goals and what we can tick 

Unfortunately I haven’t completed them all… however I have tried them all. Completed :

Focus on skincare

Do more cooking ✅

Start an o̶n̶l̶i̶n̶e̶ college course

October goals :

  1. Number one. The same as September. My first goal is a big goal, however hopefully easy to achieve. To pass my driving test (fingers crossed). I’ve been learning off and on since I turned 17 – so to have this passed would not only be a wonderful money saver but also a lot of stress instantly alleviated!
  2. DRINK MORE WATER. I’m surprised I haven’t dehydrated yet!! I get to about 3pm and suddenly realise I haven’t drank anything… my first aim is for 500ml a day (and hopefully upping it to 1L)
  3. Take more photos. I love taking photos however I have definitely stopped to focus on other things, however now I have more routine I hope to squeeze in a few more photo opportunities!!
  4. Finally, to enjoy things without worrying. I over stress situations causing them to be a lot less fun, which sucks. I am going to try my very hardest to worry less about events (even as little as crossing the road!) and truely appreciate the positivity of the atmosphere around me.

I shall report back at some point in November.

What are your favourites? What are your goals?

Anya xxx

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