I spend a lot of time on busses.

I use them for work, College and leisure (so I am on them pretty much everyday!)

Some days I get on the bus and I could just fall asleep: earphones in and completely zoned out…

Other days I sit and over analyse EVERYTHING.

I am known for over analysing, it’s both a treasure and a draw back.

But as I am sat on the bus today, over analysing I might as well write down my thoughts for you too – as sometimes they can be quite fun.

The types of people on today’s bus at 7pm on a Wednesday:

  1. The readers: You have the real book worms, 2 of them today. Ones reading a horror (I can tell by the very disturbing cover!), the other I’m not too sure … but it is definitely the thickest book I have ever seen!!! (I’m pretty sure he must just carry his bag to keep his book in, because let’s be honest what else is he fitting in there????)
  2. The music listeners: Guess their song, it’s a game I love to play… are they listening to a guilty pleasure, a band they’re seeing later, have they wrote the song, are they psyching themselves up for something big, are they listening to something heavy or something soft? We shall never know…. apart from the one playing their music obnoxiously loud so that the whole bus can also hear! (I’m listening to a party playlist in the hope it will keep me awake)
  3. Are you actually going to wake up at your stop: there is always that one person who is fast asleep and I always wonder if they just know when their stop is from doing this journey so often or if they will actually wake up at the end of the bus ride only to realise they completely missed their stop.
  4. Texters: Have they seriously got to have the text tone on loud?? And who has that many friends???? Maybe they’re just typing out their essay that’s due in .. but I very much doubt it!
  5. which leads me on very nicely to the Gossipers: I don’t mind people talking on the phone to their friends but seriously hush it a little bit, not everybody needs to know what you and Stace did at the weekend, I promise you.
  6. Kids: need I say anymore really? Just sit your bum down on the chair and drink your fruit shoot (without kicking my chair and screaming if possible)

And that’s my stop… I’m going to quickly tumble to the front of the bus and now proceed to walk home wondering if anyone saw me accidentally trip over the child or hit the woman at the front with my bag (I’m so sorry!)

Anya xxx

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