Being a Big Sister (Again)

Many of you are very aware I have 3 younger rugrats that are excellent in annoying me daily! Well… I now have 4!!

On Saturday 9th December, 7:55pm… Baby Jason decided (after mum being in labour for 58 hours!!!) it was time to pop out.

After spending 2 days in hospital with mum and sitting through most of the labour, I can honestly say it was a very surreal experience that I am glad to have witnessed … but never again.

I’m (we all are) still trying to come to terms with the fact there is a baby in the house again… think of Boss Baby and the start scene ‘ he’s your baaaaaabbbbyyy brrrroottthheeerrrr ‘.

He is the sweetest little bean when he is sleeping… he’s the loudest thing I have ever heard when he is awake (and hungry).

But today marks 1 week of outside world, welcome Jason George to the big and very bright world ❤️

His hands have since returned to a normal colour.. no more mr blue babyJason George = King of the resting grumpy face!!

I’m sure there will be plenty more posts regarding his growth and progress and general cuteness in the near future!

Anya Xxx

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