Weekend in Bath

I’d always heard of Bath but never really had any desire to go… until now. Now I realise what is there, I’m just itching to go back!

I went down on the train with Rhys and listening to Crash on My Couch made the journey a lot quicker! Fortunately we also managed to get seats for the long stretch which was a bit more luxurious than the luggage compartment we were sat in on the first train!!

Rhys knows his way around for the most part but I was completely in awe with how wonderful all the buildings looked, instantly wanting to just explore and take photos.

We went shopping for the most part, looking at expensive clothes we couldn’t afford!!

And if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that getting pizza is a regularity! And this one didn’t fail me, although I didn’t get a picture… so enjoy a picture of Rhys’ calzone instead.

To finish off, and burn off the 100s of calories we had just consumed, we headed over to the Pulteney Bridge and basically just played around with the settings on Rhys’ phone and tried not to drop it over the edge!!

There was also an amazing fresh fudge store, with wonderful staff and DAIRY FREE FUDGE!!!!

Anya x

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