College Catch-Up

I’ve been at college for 6 months now so why not give you a quick sum up of what I have done:


I have submitted my first sketchbook off and I’m very close to submitting my second. I have started 2 new projects that I am very excited about! Here’s a few photos that I have saved over the time.


This exam was what seemed to be the worst few months ever, the weeks beforehand seemed to last FOREVER. I hate exams, they are the worst. This exam was a little different though, I was able to prewrite up a draft and then take in bulletpoints from said draft. Word limits are also gross btw. Nevertheless, once I was in the exam room and typing up my essay, I ended up completing it within 2 hours

Work Experience

I have just completed my first lot of work experience working on a flower shop window display for Valentine’s Day! I created plans with boards from Pinterest and here’s the final piece.

Anya X

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