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I have yet to do a tag during my blogging time, so since I have a few more new followers what better time to do it?

I’ve browsed a few different tags and chose the questions I feel I can best answer, however if you have any more I can answer them in the comments for you (or in a future post).

Without further a do, the questions (we will start with the generics and then get to the fun ones):

What is your full name? Anya Harriet Bettoney.

How old are you? 18 and a half.

What do you do? I am in full time education, studying interior design level 3. I have wrote a post about this summing up what I’ve done so far, and also on my work experience for the flower shops windows. I hope to write loads more about it as well, when I finally get my butt in gear and make my room to how I would like it… and keep it that way!

Your eye colour? As with many eyes, they change depending on the sun and hydration and sleep but generally they are, what my mum likes to describe them as, a pond green. I wouldn’t say they’re my most noticeable feature, and you can’t always see them behind the glare on my glasses.

Do you have any pets? Yes! I currently have two dogs, they are not solely mine, they are the families. Jessica (Jess) is 5 and is a Staffie cross, we have had Jess for about 3.5 years now. We also have Cody (Wody/Scooby), he’s a 6 year old Labrador cross. They are both rescue dogs and absolutely lovely!! (Lively, but lovely)

Favourite smell? I LOVE the smell that laundry rooms have, that warm fresh clean cotton smell is my absolute dream scent. If everything could smell like that always, then that would be my idea of heaven. mmmm warm fresh cotton.

Do you speak any other languages? I wish I could answer yes to this and have a list but I really don’t. I loved English, however when learning French in high school my brain seemed to reject any information. I can say the obvious hello and goodbye in French and Spanish and I can count to 10 in French, but besides that – no I don’t. I would love to learn more of the languages one day.

How many countries have you visited? I have been very fortunate to have traveled abroad quite a lot. I haven’t been to many places outside of Europe, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t visited any beautiful countries. I have been to France, Dominican Republic, Majorca, Menorca, Kos, Spain and Wales. (Below are photos from my most recent trip in 2017 to Kos)

Horror or Disney? I much prefer a Disney film, over horror ANY DAY. I have a lot of respect for those who can watch scary movies and not have nightmares for the next 4 years, I got scared at the chronicles of Narnia and I have never gone back! Plus, who doesn’t love a film you can sing along too for the next month??

What phone do you have? I have an iPhone 6S, I upgraded around a year ago so still have another year on my contract before an upgrade. If I had the money, I would definitely invest in the iPhone 7+, because the camera is just insane! I prefer an easier photography experience for the majority (I’m much more of a take a photo as I go than fiddle with settings and spend time doing more of a photo shoot). As much as I love my Sony point and shoot, it just doesn’t give me the desired image, especially in typical British lighting. (maybe I need to spend more time looking at cameras instead of phones… It’s just so handy for it to be all in one!)

I think that’s enough questions for today. I don’t want to flood you with an abundance of A’s to Q’s, however I have enjoyed writing this and will definitely do another post so you can get to know me even more in future.

Anya x

Instagram: @an.ya_

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13 thoughts on “Get To Know Me TAG

  1. Ugh I have such a problem memorizing anything in other languages besides English too! I really want to learn more in French though if i could. It was great reading this and getting to know you better (: 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW! Hey Anya Bettoney, this your blog really gave me a enthralling feeling and I started reading all your posts gradually. Literally I am loving all of it. And I was surprise to know you are younger than me(I am almost 25 now) and I am sure you will bloom blogging and reach your voice across the world. Really I am enjoying reading your blog. xoxoxo
    -Tendzin; Bhutan

    Liked by 1 person

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