Wardrobe Staples

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to outfits, if it works once that’s enough for me to wear it 100000 times again. I’m also not one for big high end brands, I think I own one Tommy Hilfiger top and that’s it. Primark is my best friend, however I do like to dabble into UO and common high street stores like New Look and Top Shop when there’s a sale on (and I get student discount! Yay!).


I tend to go with a more oversized style, or just from the men’s range, however I do own some more cropped style tops (still with a baggier feel). A simple graphic or slogan that’s easy to style with anything works well, you can find loads of these on places like Pull and Bear, ASOS or H&M.

My favourite top is one from Miss. Selfridges with two cherries on. I also tend to borrow a few of Rhys’s Patagonia tops (we have a loan system so both parties are happy and nothing is stolen!). These tops are such lovely quality and feel as though they have a higher neckline than most – but this could be because they are men’s.

It also isn’t uncommon for you to see me in a striped top, I’m kinda steering away from these a little more now however you cannot go wrong with a stripe. Stripes go with anything and can be worn casual or dressed up a little more.


I’ve recently bought three jumpers, and they have became things I wear pretty much 24/7. I have two from Primark, £5 each???? that have a crop to them, and one from UO that was from the Urban Renewal Vintage range. I style these with a vest top underneath just for a bit more warmth. Jumpers are great for when its a little chillier, because when wearing with a hooded coat you don’t even up in a tangle of a thousand hoods!! ( a situation I am familiar with)


I only ever wear black skinny high waisted jeans, which I purchased from Miss. Selfridges. They have such a lovely fit and the colour does last a little longer than the Topshop ones, however I have admitted defeat with jet black jeans and I quite like the more faded out colour instead. With the higher crop they also hide more and can give of a better shape, especially when wearing with shorter tops. I also have some from Primark and even though I can tell which ones I am wearing, Primark ones are a great cheaper alternative and still look just as nice.


I don’t wear dresses, I never really have. I just don’t find them practical, and because I rarely go out and don’t understand day dresses, I just avoid that isle all together! I do wear a blue denim dungaree dress from time to time though. It’s so casual and comfy, pair it with some tights, a top and some trainers and your outfit is completed. My dress is now getting a little too short for me though, so I am in search for a new one. My current one is from New Look, but is a few years old now. (also check out that tan from summer ’17!!!)


LOVE trainers. All I ever wear is my vans or my nikes. They just fit any outfit with no effort, especially as they’re black. I end up doing a lot more walking than intended most days and to wear anything other than some comfy padded shoes would just be hell for my feet!!

I also LOVE my doc’s. I have three pairs, 1461, 1460 and Leonore Fur Lined (Chelsea Boots). These are just as wonderful, but not always the most practical if you’re not wanting blisters in 3 seconds (if anyone has any tips on how to avoid this please let me and my poor feet know!) I tend to use my docs as my posher shoes, since they’re a bit more pricey and working in a pub, I’d much rather not get Carling on them!


A final favourite of mine, and it is a new favourite, is my joggers. I don’t really wear these in public, but I don’t knock anybody who does! My joggers are from Primark out of the men’s range, they were £9, but that definitely doesn’t mean they are low on quality!! These are the comfiest I have ever owned and would recommend them 100%. They have also been great the past few days with this strange wintery weather blasting over us. They do need a few tumble drys, just to get rid of the fluff (but that’s pretty much they same with most joggers or jumpers!)

Let me know what your favourites and go to’s are to wear in the comments. Are you a black high waist jean or a ripped mom jean? Trainers or heels? Dresses or joggers?

Anya x

Instagram: @an.ya_

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8 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staples

  1. I’m 100% a black jeans, trainers and a jumper kind of girl. I have to try and push myself to wear anything different, it takes a lot of effort for me to wear a dress/skirt 😂😂 loves reading this post! Xx

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