Happy 3 Months J!

How has your week been?? I can’t believe we’re already 11 days into March! Time seems to be going by so quickly, but that also means blog posts come around a lot sooner than expected! So here is this Sunday blog post:

I can’t believe Jason is 3 months old! He’s already looking so much older, its incredible just how much he has changed!

Even though he is only 3 months (and 2 days), he does have his very own Instagram account. (shameless plug)

Here are a few photos of what he has been getting up to the past few months.

So let’s have a little throwback to baby Jason, I did a blog post when he was first home and you can read that here.

He’s had plenty of giggles with Leon, their favourtie game is the try not to laugh challenge!

And maya is just the best person to snuggle up on and chill with.

All the selfies are taken with me (oops). He’s such a lovely little baby and, as nearly every baby does, loves his reflection – whether thats in a mirror or on a phone!

He now giggles and smiles and coo’s – we have very in-depth conversations about ooo and ahhh and ohh on a regular basis. He goes out for runs with mum and now has play dates that he is awake for (for the most part). He watches rugby with Dad, cheering on Leicester Tigers and England, obviously. Singing lessons are given by Maya and dance lessons are performed by Leon. The dogs still have no idea what this strange pooping, sleeping, loud alien is but they will soon find out when he is shouting dog dog and wanting rides!!!

And of course, it is Mother’s Day, so a big Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum and to all the other wonderful Mothers!

Jason is also no longer Jason, he is Big Jase.

Instagram: @an.ya_

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