My Make-Up Routine

This is a pretty standard post that I have seen many bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers and everybody else do… So I thought I would too. It’s not something I am an expert in and it isn’t something I aspire to do with great ability but it is something I do on most days.

Weekends or days at home, I don’t tend to bother but when I do leave the house for work or college or seeing friends, I do enjoy just popping a bit of extra colour and shine to my face.

I don’t wear masses of makeup, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how to use half the products most people use so I just stick to the basics.

Starting off with a moisturiser, I am really loving The Body Shop Vitamin E moisuting mist and cream (but not together), I tend to use the cream at night/when I have more time and the mist in mornings I am in more of a hurry for. I also sometimes dab on a little of my witch hazel stick for any acne I have.

I then go in with a primer, I don’t always use a primer – mainly because I just forget. Recently, I have been using this one from The Body Shop, it’s so silky and lovely on my skin. I use quite a bit and just pat it in with my fingers for convinience! I would love to try other primers if you have any drugstore recommendations, as this one is great but like I said I do have to use quite a bit, and it seems to make any dry skin I had more prominent (not a good look!!)

Then it’s brow time. I love my brows. I also need to desperately get them done!! I use to only use powder, I would not stray from this but Rhys got me a pomade and I love it. It’s great for shaping them, especially underneath. I then go in over the top jsut to fill any final patches with a powder, I’ve nearly ran out of this, but it was so inexpensive I will definiteley buy some more!

I have been loving colourful eyeshadow at the moment, this is also another christmas gift off Rhys. My go to colours seem to be the pinks or oranges, they’re natural enough but with a little bit more than a brown. I don’t cut crease or anything, but I have starte using a brush rather than my finger, and sometimes I use a base colour and do a different outer colour… but thats as far as we go!!

I never use foundation, I used to but I can’t bring myself to like it anymore it just feels so cakey and wrong on my face! I have recently been using BB cream though. This is also a Body Shop one and like the primer, I do have to use a fair bit and I blend this in with a beauty blender from Real Techniques. It does even out my skin tone but I would love suggestions for a medium coverage BB cream, I naturally have rosy cheeks and when they’re covered I feel a bit strange so I don’t like full coverage!

I then go in with bronzer, highlight and powder. I’ve use all three of these for so long now and I am sure you’re familiar with all of them. I just do the standard, bronzer contour attempt, highlight on my cheekbones, nose and under my eyebrows and then set it all with my powder.

Finally I do my eyeliner and mascara. If I do this before my powder I just end up with powder on my lashes and eyeliner and it doesn’t work. I love doing a flick, I am no master though and this can sometimes take 5 or 6 attempts with a mini tantrum in the middle! My eyeliner always seems to run out and I’m currently on the hunt for a new mascara, I curl my eyelashes before and then apply one-two layers.

This is it. It takes me about 15 minutes, which is a good time for me! If I want to go real basic I just do brows and mascara with a little highlight. I apply lipbalm to my lips (obviously) but that tends to be it. If I’m going out somewhere ‘fancy’ I’ll put a bit of lippy on. Like I said, I am definitley no expert in makeup but I enjoy what I do and its enough for me.

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8 thoughts on “My Make-Up Routine

  1. Dang you are gorgeous!! Your makeup is sooo natural and totally flatters all your features beautifully. My makeup routine is similar to yours as in its more on the simple side hehe xxx

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      1. Ahah yes I know what you mean!! Its nice to keep makeup simple when there are a ton of other things to attend to in the morning. Btw I just followed you on Insta-just to let you know its me (username is @free.spirited.blogger). (:

        Liked by 1 person

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