If We Went For Lunch

I’ve seen these posts floating around all over WordPress, so I thought I would give one a go myself. It’s a little catch up on things that are going on with me that don’t really fit into other blogs. It’s a little more personal and I can share achievements, goals and memories. It isn’t a favourites or goals post, it is literally just a chat and a life update of little things (or big things) that I haven’t mentioned but would love to share.

I’ve done a little catch up post before but I don’t like the title and it ended up being more of a one-off, so I’ve decided to start fresh. A lot of people call it going for tea or coffee, but since I dont drink either I didn’t feel it would be fitting. I do, however, enjoy lunch – so grab a sandwich, a pizza, some chips, a salad, pasta and cheese (maybe not all in one sitting though) and here is my lunch: left over roasted butternut squash and potato with gluten-free pasta, mixed with nachos and lactose free cheese (and I’ve got a lemonade to quench my thirst, incase you were wondering).

So, if we were having a chat I would tell you:

  • I have been feeling a lot more in control of my anxiety. I have found that taking things a little slower is key. I never used to rush, but I thought if I was to do everything at a quicker pace it would mean it would be over quicker… this never worked and also triggered an attack. I have now started to walk a bit slower, to take time in what I am doing, to appreciate my surroundings and to just let myself be. It feels so much more refreshing and calm, okay sometimes a bit of rush is required but that’s okay and sometimes I can have an attack even when I seem to be doing everything right but that is also okay. I know it has an end, I know it doesn’t last forever and whether I am awake or asleep I know I can handle it
  • I’ve been enjoying blogging a lot more. I have enjoyed it for the past year or so anyway but I didn’t really take it as seriously. Recently I have done a lot more research and spent a little more time making things a bit more special. I have updated my banner, my theme, I have added widgets, I have started checking my stats and looking at when is the best times to post (I am still working on this), I have been spending longer on photos and editing them, I have changed the format of my regular blogs. Everything is just looking a lot more pretty. I have also contacted bloggers on advice and tips and just to generally chat as well. WordPress is honestly such a great community!!
  • I have created a new playlist on Spotify. It only has a couple of songs in it at the moment and I’m wanting to add more soon, but it is so chilled and fun for just going about life e.g. walking to the bus, being in college, working at home. I enjoy creating playlists but I don’t tend to share them because they are never that amazing, but this one is just wonderful and a little bit different.
  • I have been waking up a bit later on days I don’t have college in the morning. When I do have college I love to wake up early and get in to start the day off in the right frame of mind (and not crying that I’ve just had to run up 2 flights of stairs!!), but on my days off I have enjoyed my time snuggled up. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me sharing some warm cuddles with Jason whilst watching Teletubbies (this is his favourite at the moment, but of course in moderation!) whilst my Mum takes my other siblings to school. I get to have half hour to really connect and bond and I feel this is so important and wonderful, watching him giggling and smiling away at silly songs and dances we make up and also drifting back off to sleep for an extra morning nap!
  • I have seen Rhys a lot more. He has been up for college for two weeks and it has been very lovely. We played ball with Cody (my dog), we ate pizza for our 3 month anniversary (it was just an excuse to eat more pizza tbh), I went down to his for the weekend, we’ve been able to go for walks and also take some more blog photos. He goes back home this weekend so it will be back to normal but we’ve got plenty of plans in place already, and I’m sure his mum and dogs are missing him!!
  • I am also going to my first big concert tonight! I am currently travelling to/in Birmingham watching Paloma Faith with my mum and my neighbour! There will be plenty of photos posted on Instagram I am sure, but if not I may do another post about my experience and how I felt. I love Paloma and this was my main Christmas present so it is definitely a dream come true!

So there we have it, that is just a few things that have happened or are going to happen in my life! I’ve ended up writing a lot more than intended, but if you’ve ever had a chat we me I do tend to waffle and go off on tangents so I suppose it is true to life!

What have you achieved? What are your plans? Do you like these types of posts?
Let me know in the comments!

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