Spring To-Do List 2018

SPRING IS HERE… although whilst I am writing this it is currently blizzarding* outside so maybe it wont be getting warm yet… *(definitely a word).

I have a few things I’d like to complete this spring, things I maybe haven’t done before, and things I do every year. By sharing my to-do list with you, I am setting it in stone and can respond back afterwards if said tasks have been completed – kinda like New Years resolutions but for spring. If all is successful, I might even do another for summer, autumn and winter!

Do as many 1 mile jogs as I can: This one was suggested by my (not so) little sister. Because of my strange knee condition, it’s a lot harder to run in the winter because before I have even made it out the door they are already aching… I’ve tried to treadmill but this just feels strange, so she has agreed that when it starts to become a little warmer to go on 1 mile walk/jogs with me. I won’t be doing it everyday, but I will be doing it at least once a week! Hopefully I can improve over time and eventually be able to go further.

Take my camera out more: I love my little camera, however, I have mentioned before that sometimes I just do not get on with it. It is a point and shoot so instantly I am limited to the types of shots I can get, but with better lighting and visibility it should hopefully be a little nicer to me and with a bit more research I will be able to get some better photos for my blog and Instagram!



Improve my editing: This kinda comes in hand with my previous goal. I don’t have any Adobe software at home, however I do have access to it at college and I do have just as good apps on my phone such as VSCOcam that are simple to play around with. If I can get better quality photos, I can then edit them a little nicer (without the struggle of losing even more quality) and have them all fresh for each blog (rather than reusing old photos)

Film a weekend: Sticking with the technology side of things, I love video editing. I am no pro, and neither am I at photography, but I like to give it a go and I watch endless YouTube videos on how to use software and the technical details. I want to film maybe just short snippets of a weekend, perhaps when I go on my adventures so I can share with you a different way.

Go strawberry picking: I have slight memories of doing this when I was younger however it has been a long time since I have done this… and there is nothing better than fresh fruit salads. (Or fruit with sweeter treats)

Go cinema and see a non kids film: I love kids films, maybe too much. A few weeks ago I went to see The Shape of Water and really enjoyed it. I want to see more films like this, however I know it comes at a cost so I will limit myself… but it would be fun to broaden my cinema horizons.

Go to markets and festivals: Many towns and villages host their own spring fairs, selling homemade items from food to jewellery. It creates such a lovely atmosphere bringing the whole community together to celebrate their own successes.

Play mini golf: This is also something I have done before, but not for a very long time. It’s more of a relaxed outdoorsy game and can be loads of fun. I’d also quite like to try to win… but I already know that won’t happen!!

See the sunrise: This is my final goal. I have always wanted to go somewhere and watch the sunrise or set and as it’s a little warmer I think I might have a bit more motivation to wake up early, or stay out later. I might even take my camera out or film it!

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