Weekly Quotes Series & NUMBER ONE

This is a new series I would like to begin on my blog, as it is something that I already enjoy doing currently privately.

This idea came about from Rhys. Due to long distance being a little tough sometimes, me and Rhys send each other little inspirational quotes nearly every day to help each other through the day or week, especially if anything significant is happening or just going through a low period.

I decided I would love to share some of these with you, not necessarily ones me and him have shared, but I have built up quite a big board of them on Pinterest and also on my own phone. I want to share a little drop of inspiration, motivation and positivity with all of you, to help you through your week whatever it may be. I started sharing them on Instagram, but I would love to share them with you too.

They will be short posts, maybe along with a thought of my own/a sum up of my week or my own image, let me know your thoughts on this idea. I hope you enjoy this new series, it will be posted on Friday 5pm –  let me know what you think of the timings and day (it can deffo change, all trial and error). I hope that you share your motivations, weekly stories and achievements, whatever they may be, with me.


I’ve felt very down this week, mainly due to the weather and my diet I guess. I found this whilst scrolling through Pinterest, which as I mentioned is where my main source of inspiration comes from. I have been much more motivated tonight (Thursday 12th April) writing up lots of blog posts, editing photos and scheduling them ready!! I don’t have many photos to include because I have used a lot of them in upcoming blog posts so I will make sure that I try to include more next week!!

How’s your week been? What has been your motivation or quote of the week to keep you going through these British rainy days??

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Quotes Series & NUMBER ONE

  1. These are great quotes and such a good idea for a post – going to use one of them as my phone background. My favourite quote is ‘inhale, exhale’ which is so simple but it’s nice to be reminded just to breathe sometimes xx

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    1. You definitely should! I used to have them as my lock screens, changing them every time they became something I didn’t notice. I love that one too! If I ever got my own home I would definitely get a print of that to display X

      Liked by 1 person

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