Lets Go To: Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

So it has been half term and I decided it would be nice to catch up with a few friends and give myself a break from college and sitting in my room. Birmingham isn’t too far from me so I messaged my friend and we decided to check out the Museum & Art Gallery (especially since it was free, what’s to lose?!)

After a quick stop at McDonalds for breakfast (I only had a free hash brown) we headed in. It took a little longer than first expected because of road works on the motorway, but it wasn’t much longer! We parked up about 5 minute walk away from the museum so it wasn’t too busy (but it is in the middle of Birmingham). It was such a grand building and it really didn’t take much to get lost inside but I think we managed to see all the exhibitions (or at least the ones we wanted to.)

It has the usual – History of Birmingham up until current day, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Near East, Ancient Greece, Rome and Cyprus, and even a very little section on Ancient America. The Pre-Raphaelites and Century Art along with New Art.

There was also a temporary exhibition called ‘Coming Out: Sexuality, Gender and Identity’ which I found to be very good! This was in the Gas Hall on Level 1, it felt very separate to the rest because it wasn’t the main hall but still lovely.

We did go for food afterwards, because when am I not hungry? We visited The Cosy Club which is situated just outside the hustle and bustle of the main streets, but still very popular and full. It was mid afternoon so I went for a Gluten Free Avocado Brunch (which was yummy).

Both the museum and the food was great and I would recommend popping into both if you’re around Birmingham area. It also wasn’t even too busy considering it was half term time, it wasn’t packed full but there was a lovely atmosphere of people appreciating the art and history.

Is there anywhere you would recommend visiting, for either a morning or full day that is free or inexpensive? Comment your places below, I would love to know! Or have you visited here too? Do you remember what exhibition was in the Gas Hall?

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