Shows I’ve Been Loving

Who doesn’t love watching things on a big screen, whether you fully immerse yourself or use it as background sound I’m sure you will know at least one of these shows/films I mention.

I’ve been watching TV and Netflix a lot more recently, especially on my half term break and when down at Rhys’s so I thought I would share with you the shows I have finished/currently watching and maybe you will/do watch them too! I don’t really watch series in-depth apart from with Rhys because I get so fidgety and forget to pause and suddenly I’m 6 episodes later and have no idea what’s going on. (there’s a significant lack of photos in this blog… I assure you this won’t become a regular thing)

TV shows:

  1. Made In Chelsea: This is a long-term favourite, I haven’t watched since the start (oops) but I have been watching for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I don’t tend to enjoy reality TV or overdone shows, but I really like this style – maybe because it feels more ‘adulty’ with it being classier and in Chelsea, but it’s still full of drama packed storylines. It’s on every Monday on E4, but I tend to watch it on catch-up because I find I am always too busy and hate starting it even 10 minutes into it.
  2. Friday Night Dinner: This is another I am currently watching, a new find by accident. I don’t intensely watch it but it’s the kind of show that is great to be playing in the background: whilst getting ready, doing homework or winding down for bed. It has such a feel good storyline that isn’t hard to follow, but is something to be watched in order for things to make complete sense (kinda like Big Bang Theory). I watch this on All4, but I know it’s also on Netflix.
  3. 13 Reasons Why: I’ve just finished watching this with Rhys, and I honestly loved it. It was so well written, obviously there was a few flaws and so many people criticising it for romanticising the idea of suicide and mental health, but I didn’t get that vibe. Not surprisingly it has been slightly done up for the moreish-ness. The idea of tapes isn’t something that is common, but those thoughts would have been running people’s minds and I feel like the tapes were almost a visual way of showing how people can affect somebody else without even realising, and that one small event can cause something much larger down the pipeline. (that’s just my opinion though.) This isn’t something to watch, however, if you aren’t in the right head place – I’ll be brutally honest as someone who has suffered from mental health, it brings out thoughts and can send you into a weird feeling, this is why I watched it with Rhys. Nevertheless, a great show! I watched this on Netflix.
  4. Celebrity Bake Off: I love GBBO, everyoneloves GBBO. The satisfaction of perfect bakes and the hilarity of epic fails, but the celebrity one is always a lot of laughs. You see people in an area that they are not as confident in, trying their hardest but ending up with a complete flop… or surprisingly a handshake worthy bake! It’s another back ground program as its different contestants each episode… It’s far less intense than the real deal… and its for Stand Up To Cancer. I watched this on All4, because as you can tell, I’m a bit pants at watching shows at the right time.


  1. Hot Fuzz: This is my ultimate favourite film. (most of my blog posts are wrote whilst watching/listening to this). I first watched it about a year ago but the past 4 months I have been completely obsessed, watching it almost once a week, but between you and me I think it’s for the greater good. The first time you watch it, it is definitely a sit and watch kinda film, but now I can put it on in the background without facing the screen just knowing what is happening! I watch this on Netflix, and it’s now my source of motivation thing to have on when needing to get something done!
  2. Love, Simon: I saw this recently in the cinema with Rhys when I last went to his. I was umming and ahhing about whether to go, whether Rhys would want to go and if it would be any good since it was so new I hadn’t really read many reviews. It was AWESOME and it even managed to get a few tears out of me at the end…must’ve been the aircon right??? Rhys loved it and so did I, I wouldn’t go cinema again to watch it (the cinema is so expensive!!! £26 for two people????) however I would deffo get it on DVD or pray it comes out on Netflix. It is such an empowering film about such a taboo subject, at the moment, that definitely needs as much viewing as possible.

So, a little lengthy but without giving much away. These are the shows I am LOVING right now and the films I have watched… any suggestions for things to watch next?? Any films or series that I need to watch, let me know in the comments or even ones I may not watch but you are loving right now.

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5 thoughts on “Shows I’ve Been Loving

  1. OMG you would love the first couple series of Made in Chelsea depending on when you started, they are as nostalgic as a show like that can get 😂 all of the major characters are so young and it seems less put together than it is now. My sister has the boxset, I would steal it and give it to you just so you could see it! 😂 Celebrity Bake off was hilarious, missed the last couple of episodes but all4 doesn’t work out here 🙁 Really want to see Love, Simon. Can’t think of anything I could recommend although I’m slowly working my way through Sherlock and it’s brilliant! ❤xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It might be a mission for me on summer break! I loved when it was Louise, Spencer, Binky and that cast… Are you watching it now? I’m not a fan of the new people… They seem too staged! Oh no, I don’t know where else you could watch them. It is such a good film, Rhys was so hesitant in case it was just a silly rom com but it was so much more! Ooo that sounds interesting, I remember playing that on my Nintendo DS haha! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The most recent one I saw was last year’s series and you’re right it’s all very staged. It’s like the producers don’t know how to get back what made the show famous and are clinging onto whatever gossip is left in the air 😂. Will hopefully get to the cinema to see it! I used to play Sherlock on the DS too!! 😂❤


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