Lets Go To: Bradgate Park

Since it’s my half term break, I decided to get up and get out. I contacted my friend, despite the unpredictable English weather and we headed off to Bradgate Park with our cameras (his is way fancier than mine).

I started the day off with some toast, I’m not much of a fan of breakfast, but apparently it’s the most important meal of the day so I do try to remember when I have time. I also had some mango juice to go with it. I have recently completely fell in love with mango juice, it reminds me of all inclusive holidays when its on the drinks dispenser for every meal!!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, but it was definitely not warm so I wore my blue jeans with my yellow jumper. I also wore my Adidas trainers which was both a mistake and a good choice. A mistake because of it being so muddy and slippery that I kept getting mud on my ankles, but at least I was able to wash it all off afterwards… Walking boots next time.

We walked for what seemed like absolutely miles, but when looking back it wasn’t that far just a lot of hills, mud and uneven surfaces!! It was the most gorgeous day and I also managed to get some video footage of the morning along with some gorgeous photos.

I always love trips to Bradgate Park, I’ve been going ever since I was little. It’s the kind of place you crave going to on a sunny day with your bike or a picnic or a football and your family to go and relax… knowing full well it will be heaving (but at least there are swan’s and deer’s to see!)

I got home around 1ish, had some vegetable chips and cheese toastie for lunch with some more mango juice. For the rest of the day I just played around with some video editing software’s and my photos.

Instagram: @an.ya_

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