If We Swapped Phones For The Day

I use my phone for almost everything, it’s the home of most people’s lives nowadays. Theres pros and cons to phones but I’m not going to get into that today. It’s such a great tool when used in the right way with moderation (that’s all I’m saying).

So, I am passing you my phone for you to explore my favourite apps (as I explain them to you), and you can tell me your favourite in the comments!

The first will seem pretty obvious, and it is Instagram. This is the first app I open in the morning and the last one I look at, at night (true love???), apart from iMessages but that’s just a standard right? I use this for not only my account by also my baby brothers account that I run. I just love the community on there, I love being able to see people’s favourite moments, their stories, holidays and the I LOVE finding calligraphy or doodling accounts, they are my FAVE at the moment!

Onto my next app, which links to Instagram, I guess: VSCOcam. I edit all my photos here, it is just so simple and easy to use. Obviously you can do more in-depth things with it if you wanted to and using a better quality camera works really well with the settings – but it doesn’t really matter whether it’s your phone or a DSLR, it’s the actual photo that makes it. You can create your own presets which is brill and you can upload to your own journal for either yourself or the public to see!

Spotify. This is a no brainer really, I have premium using my UniDays discount which means NO ADDS *woop woop*. There isn’t much explanation to this, it’s just GREAT for music and making playlists. With premium you can also download the music to listen offline which is probably my favourite feature!

Now for the more boring ones, Trainline. I LOVE this app, probably more than I should for an 18-year-old haha. I use the trains at least once a month so this app is used for the bookings and also for the tracking of my trains. It gives you updates on whats happening, sometimes a little later that you need but nowhere else is getting the updates any quicker! You can see the platforms your train will be at, the stops between, even the stops before yours and after if you’re not doing the whole journey!

My final app that you would find would be my guilty pleasure. Crosswords is so fun! I’m obsessed with it at the moment, whenever I’m chilling out for bed or I’m on the bus/train I open my crossword app. I think it’s great for headspace, without being obvious mindfulness yoga and green tea! It’s also good for the brain, I think?, maybe not so much the silly ones but I have learnt a few little drops of knowledge from it that I otherwise wouldn’t know… I’m just trying to justify my secret addiction right now.

So, there you have it. The apps I am loving right now. I will do another one of these if you like it, because I deffo loved sharing it with you! Let me know in the comments, what are your favourite apps that you have on your phone that you would love to share with somebody else… even if it is a guilty pleasure like crosswords.

Instagram: @an.ya_

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