Bristol Adventures

So on the 31st of May I travelled back down to Rhys’s humble abode down south and there was actually some sun this time!

Grab yourself a cuppa, it’s a long post!

The train was horrendously stuffy and seemed like it took forever, with the ‘thunder’ alerts consistently popping up on my phone (and turning my stomach – I don’t like thunder at home, let alone on a train in the middle of nowhere!) I reached there with no delays though, crazy I know, and the fresh air and slight rain drizzle was bliss. From then on, it was just hot hot hot!

Rhys was still at work so I went for a Costa with him mum and we had a little chat about College and life and Work and everything in between! I had a mango and passion fruit cooler, which is what I have everytime from costa and I’m not even sure if I like it, I guess I’m just a creature of habit!

We went to Bath on the Friday with Jordy and it was lovely. I spent way too much in paperchase, we spent way too long deciding where to eat (ended up going Zizzi’s) and spent a lot of time roaming round shops looking at clothes we couldn’t afford!

But anyway, the main feature of this post is the Bristol Adventure… so…

On the Saturday we headed over to Bristol on the train, we got there just in time too! We did have to stand which was annoying but it doesn’t take too long so it was okay.

Normally when we arrive a Temple Meads, we just get off and follow the main road to Cabbots, but this time I spotted a little canal so we took a gander over to it. This then actually lead almost all the way to the castle park which is about 5 minutes from Cabbots. I took my camera and took lots (and lots) of photos.

I have a strange fascination with taking photos of signage, stickers and posters – especially ones in strange places!
The canal boats were beautiful, especially with the sun beaming down on them!
All the boats had such vibrant colours to them, each with individual style.
I just couldn’t stop taking photos of them! Oops!

After we walked down here, we went around the park for a while. There was a wedding on and a wedding photographer flapping his arms around from afar trying to get the group shots which was fun to watch! There was also people tightroping between two trees, they made it look so easy. And obviously, there was so many people just sunbathing and enjoying the sun on their own or with friends and family.

We really had no idea where we were walking, but was trying so hard to seem like we did.
Look at the gorgeous blue skies, yay!

I didn’t take any close ups of anybody chilling obviously, but here’s the castle.

After this, I became incredibly hot and irritable so it was time to find some food and drink! We went for a walk around Cabbot Circus, going into Primark (unsuccessful), Marks and Spencers, Urban Outfitters (unsuccessful), Starbucks and Apple to browse potential iPads for my birthday (next month!!!).

I feel like the road was closed…

I was still hungry (shock) and went on to book in at Prezzo down by the harbour side… BUT WE FOUND A FOOD FESTIVAL (well a mini food market, that was doing vegan and gluten free meals and snacks?!?!), so it would have been rude of me if I didn’t get any nachos! (we never went to Prezzo in the end). Then we just walked along the harbour side and down back to the train station.

I’m so proud of myself for turning my camera on, zooming in and getting this photo as quick as I did. How adorable is the little pirate?? And it’s parrot!
This was the quieter side, with all the shops and restaurants along the other side.

In the evening we went to a funky little pub with Jordy and chatted nonsense all night by the riverside.

This is an awful photo… but you get the gist haha.

We didn’t explore much more of Bristol than the shopping area and harbour, but if you have any suggestions of where to go please let me know, because we were so stumped and way too hot to be deciding anywhere other than walking in a straight line!

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