SUMMER JOURNAL 2018 | Part One

I started to create a journal. It was an idea I had for a while, somewhere to put everything in… little did I know it would become homework?? I won’t share it all with you, however I think it would be nice to show a few pages from the start so far maybe to inspire you, or just for those of you who are nosey and want to know whats going on.

I got an A5 lined notebook from Sainsbury’s that has a band around it, which was something I definitely wanted to make sure I could keep the journal closed with ease! It’s a navy blue colour so it’s fairly simple but still very pretty!

I don’t overly plan what I’m going to put inside, but every so many pages I will add little prompts of things I could add, for inspiration. I’ve really enjoyed making the pages super varied, trying out new styles and layouts. I also don’t do it everyday, I tend to accumulate a few days worth of things and then cover 5 pages in a go.

I think a lot on trains, so I jotted down a few of these thoughts.
It was raining and so I decided to doodle some leaves, whilst watching 13 Reasons Why at Rhys’s.
I watched a video by Minnie Small and became super inspired by these tiny houses she draws, I need to improve my water colour skills though (I didn’t use any on this one)
Sometimes, even notes to self can be pretty… who am I kidding, I just couldnt find anywhere else to write it!!
I had so many spare receipts it was crazy, so I stuck them all to one page.
I enjoy continous line drawing, but I can’t do anything fancy with it yet.
I meant to put ‘make a better music themed page that ISN’T as awful as this one’, I really don’t want to recreate that page haha.

Have you ever tried journalling? Do you have any tips or tricks? Favourite materials to use or layouts you’ve tried?

Until next time,


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