That time has come. The time I turn into a big scary 19 years old (well nearly, on the 25th July), roaming the streets and causing havoc everywhere I go. Having my whole life sorted, in a secure job with loads of friends and travelling the world. Or maybe, being exactly who I am, eating pizza on the sofa watching musicals and dancing to cheesy hits for Rhys.
So, the big question? Do I feel different? Nope. Not at all! I still feel like I’m 12 if I’m honest, just with a few more responsibilities. And am I going out to party? Absolutely not!! I might go out for a meal but there is nothing more I would like to do than stay at home and just relax… maybe have a spa themed evening.
18 things I have learnt in life so far (I can’t whittle it down to just being 18 years old, but I will make note of things for next year so I can do just the year!):
1. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.
2. Be who you want to be, don’t let other people’s standards and expectations change who you are meant to be.
3. You can forget to ride a bike and how to swim… trust me (oops)
4. Make everything mindful. Mindful cooking, mindful walking, mindful cleaning. Just be mindful.
5. Water is good for you, even if lemonade tastes better.
6. Take photos. Take photos of everything, live the moment but capture the moment too to remember forever.
7. Things can change and that is okay. Everything happens for a reason.
8. People also change and that is okay. People grow and people develop and become distant, if you’re meant to stay in touch you will whether its everyday or once a year.
9. Everyone goes through things differently. I.E. exams, some people may not care one bit and yet others, like me, can become physically and mentally unwell – but neither way is wrong, it’s all down to who you are and your experience and reaction.
10. ADVENTURE. Whether it is local in your town or further afield, whether it’s different food places or different walks, adventure everywhere!
11. Treat others like you want to be treated. There is no point in wanting others to treat you well if you’re not willing to give it back!
12. Don’t give up, have a break. Taking a break from something allows you to regain the love and passion you may have, if you fall out of love it may become more of a burden.
13. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. It’s nice to have hopes and dreams, but sometimes the end point takes a lot of middle work!
14. Working hard pays off eventually, even if it seems like you’re just working the worst shifts in a boring job – you’ll get where you want to be soon.
15. Sometimes you gotta be a little bit selfish. Always put yourself first, after all you’re stuck with you for life!
16. Gardeners World and DIY SOS are so underrated.
17. If you really want something, you can make it work.
18. Being 18 ain’t all that.
2018-07-18 17_53_47.225
18 seems to be the year everyone makes the most significant change, people tend to head off to university or start full-time jobs, they go back to college to study more or they go travelling (and many other things). People become distant, they find new people and places, they change. This change is strange at first, suddenly you know the drivers in the cars and there is pictures of people your age out drinking, out on holiday alone, out celebrating engagements and even pregnancies… Being 18 nowadays is crazy, but it’s okay, I wouldn’t say I have changed much – I am far from the stereotype, but that doesn’t mean it has been boring. I’ve grown and changed, I’ve tried new things and visited new places and I’ve made so many memories. It has been good. I’m excited for what the next year may bring!
Happy Birthday to anybody else who shares their birthday week with me! What’s your ideal birthday plan? Or something you have learnt in life?
Until next time,

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