Leicester Botanical Gardens | Places To Go In Leicester

On Tuesday evening I received a text asking if I still wanted to visit Leicester Botanical Gardens from my friend Reuben, conveniently I was free on Wednesday so it was perfect! The weather wasn’t too warm but it wasn’t raining (nice, livable weather in Britain?? I know!)

It’s quite small (compared to the more grander gardens you could visit) but it was still so lovely (and it’s also FREE).

My favourite area was obviously with the succulents and cactuses. There was some that must have been more than 8ft tall, they made me feel intimidated, some of them were really strange too just growing all over the place and I was kinda scared to breathe or move incase I spiked myself but it was still garden goals!


Everything about the area was just so peaceful and open. You could easily take a packed lunch and just go and sit and draw or read for a while, definitely the spot for a mindful break!


It was so lovely to see families there with children on their summer break too! Exploring the different zones and soaking up all the wonderful smells and colours, especially in the herb garden!! There was a lot of lavender, but who doesn’t like lavender right? It’sdefinitely suitable for those tiny explorers and budding gardeners.


Do you have a botanical gardens near to you? Or any recommendations of places to go in Leicester. I have always lived in the area, but never knew this was here until 2 weeks ago!

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7 thoughts on “Leicester Botanical Gardens | Places To Go In Leicester

  1. How lovely and great for local people to visit. How nice it is free.

    I live in Nottinghamshire and if there are any free ones in my area, I am not aware.

    I have visited Kews Gardens a few years ago and absolutely loved it. It’s not free though.
    I went with a local coach company.

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    1. I think it is part of the university… but I am not 100% sure! It is so lovely though. I even love going to garden centres, especially ones that have gardens outside. I’ve heard it’s quite popular there, definately somewhere I would love to go in the future!

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