Food, Fiesta and Fun! | Sunday Sum-Up

The first Sunday of August. I can’t believe this year is going so fast (says everybody ever). I thought I’d do a little dump of my week for you, reflecting on the ups and downs and the everythings in-between!


Monday was my Mums Birthday and we went to Stratford-Upon-Avon! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t being great, it wasn’t exactly raining but it was teasing us all day… fortunately it held out and we didn’t get soggy! We went for lunch at Cox’s yard and fed Jason green chips (celery) whilst trying to hide the normal messier chips from him!! We then went for a walk around the town which is so so lovely, I think Stratford-Upon-Avon is definitely one of the prettiest places near me… From the buildings to the parks, the river and the streets, just everything is so quaint. It was an exhausting day but nonetheless, lovely!




The weather was much better! I went into town with Alice (who I work with) and managed to gather the last few bits for Rhys’s birthday. I also managed to treat myself a little bit with some trousers and some new trainers (however I did end up getting these online as they were 1. cheaper and 2. in my size). We went for a Zizzi’s for lunch, and I am no stranger there so I just got the usual – I don’t even need a menu anymore haha. Once I got back home I wrapped all of Rhys’s presents that I had and started to pack my bag for Thursday!




The weather was okay-ish (I’m sounding way too British with all this weather talk!!). I went to Leicester Botanical Gardens, which I have already wrote about so I shan’t repeat myself but it was lovely!! In the evening I was working so there isn’t much else to say really!



I woke up and rushed to pack the rest of my bag ( after forgetting to do it on Wednesday!). I got my train at 9:43 and headed down to Rhys’s, where I am right now, for his birthday. The trains were hot, the aircon was broken, everyone was grumpy. When I got here Rhys had my final present for me, which was some gorgeous Vans! I’ve only worn them once so far as they need breaking in a bit and I don’t fancy doing that through a long walk in the heat!! We had chippie for dinner which is always a good idea (until afterwards).




Rhys was at work so I was able to get on with writing some posts, updating my page, adding pins on Pintrest, doodling, sketching, journalling – everything I need/want to do without distractions!! I also completed three shows on Netflix which were brilliant. When Rhys got home we caught up on The Big Narstie Show and had Mexican take-out (which was great, why isn’t this a more popular thing??). I also got dressed into such a cool outfit, I felt very insta worthy… but only actually ever took one photo and it wasn’t even a very good one… oops!



It was Rhys’s Birthday!!!! I think I was more excited than him, I also don’t think he was too impressed with me waking him up at 8am shoving a card in his face (he’s only going to be 20 once though, right?). We went into town for lunch, popping into WHSmiths and a well needed Costa. I had the red summer berries cooler which was delish, and Rhys had a mint chocolate frappuccino which smelt yummy. The evening was then very busy… but in summary: We drove an hour with Rhys’s friends for him to go and buy a Fiesta, he then drove the car back whilst I clung on being the most alert I have ever been (s.n. he is a very good driver!), then out to Prezzo for dinner at 8:30 pm, back home for a power nap, then back out to the pub with his friends for drinks (just water and ice for me!) 10pm until 2am, and then SLEEP! (I didn’t take any photos of the day, but I was sent this gem of my two younger brothers! I can’t believe Jason is only 8 months!!!)



That brings us to today. It has been very much of an admin kinda day. Cleaning up Rhys’s room, cleaning up my blog, planning ideas for the redo of Rhys’s room, reading my new books, going to the shop to get the essentials: dr.pepper and parma violets and now writing this post! (and scheduling a few others… exciting)

What have you done with your week? Mine has been very jam-packed for a change, a lot different to the norm and I am very excited to just relax tonight and maybe go somewhere with Rhys in the car!

Until next time,

Anya x

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