Sunset Chasing | Wiltshire Adventures


I’ll start where I left off on my Sunday Sum-Up post, Sunday evening:

Sunday evening was so lovely. Rhys and I headed off out to Heavens Gate to go and watch the sunset… the only flaw to our plan was that we forgot that sunset wasn’t quite as late anymore so we did kinda miss it, but the view was still gorgeous nevertheless.


I was slightly worried on the way home as we couldn’t work out how to turn the main beams on and the road leading to the car park was VERY dark, added with the fact it was now 10:30pm!! Rhys did eventually figure it out, and off home we went and then straight to sleep.

Monday evening:

Rhys was at work all day so I spent it tidying his room a little, reading and drawing. When he got back we decided because we loved going for an evening drive the day before we would again, so he took me to a secret destination. When we arrived it was quite clear where we were, Westbury White Horse. Weirdly I had also spent the day looking at places we could visit in the future and found Westbury White Horse. The sunset was amazing, we tried to capture a time-lapse but then Rhys’s phone fell over and it didn’t really go as planned but I took some lovely photos.


I think we’re going to try to make an effort when I go down to find more sunset spots because it’s so lovely to just sit in fresh air and see all the pretty views and end the evening in a relaxing way.

Where is your favourite place to watch the sun set? Have you ever watched the sunrise? Make sure you leave a like and a comment to show your support! Also, check out my latest posts for some weekly quotes!

Until next time,

Anya x

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