Basic Tofu Wraps | Vegan and Gluten Free Eating

I have been wanting to do some foodie blog posts for a while, since I do love food but over summer I have completely lost my interesting appetite and have just stuck to cheese on toast for almost every meal (still tasty). I have finally decided it is time to cook proper food again and fuel myself like an actual adult.

Just briefly, the reason this is vegan and gluten-free is simply because it fits my diet. I have severe IBS which is triggered by a lot of foods and intolerances therefore my diet can seem very strict and awkward. I have learnt to deal with it and now it isn’t much of a bother to me, especially as it is so much better than chronic pain and all other IBS symptoms I won’t go into detail about! I am in basic: pescatarian (but only eating tuna, cod and salmon in the fish department), gluten free, lactose free and on low FODMAP. I can do a whole other post all about this if you want as it really is a long topic but for now, I’m going to get back into the food!!

So it’s a grey monday, nothing fun is really happening, I have a few things I want to get done and sorted and I also am in the mood to blog write so here we are (I think I’ve set the scene well haha). I haven’t really got any meals planned at the moment so it’s more a case of ‘whats in the cupboard’. I remembered I had some braised tofu and I really just went from there.

I didn’t measure anything and I don’t really have a recipe of my own but here is the one that I followed: I did add some chopped tomatoes into this as I can’t have onions, to add another texture and it worked quite nicely. So since this isn’t really much of a recipe, have some pretty pictures to visually see what I did 🙂


What’s your favourite ‘whats in the cupboard’ meal? Do you have any food intolerances/allergies?

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Until next time,

Anya x

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