Menorca 2018.



I suppose you can already take a guess at what this post is going to be about… yes, it is my holiday to Menorca 2018. My family, Rhys and I decided to book this at the end of August, as we were already dreading the summer ending, for October break and boy am I *glad* we did!! We’ve visited here a few times, however never to Santo Tomas (or not that I know of anyway haha). It was small and quiet but the break was just what we needed!!


We stayed there for a *week* and even though before travelling out, and even looking at the forecasts whilst there of *thunderstorms* and *rain* everyday, the weather seemed to hold out for the majority!! We did go in October though so the weather is always hit or miss.


We took the most of what was supposed to be an overcast day by visiting Mahon and the port area, however it ended up being one of the sunniest!! The rest of the day was spent sunbathing by the pool at our apartment like most of the days, but hey… that’s what holidays are for?? right??MAHON DAY TRIP

Jason got to enjoy his first holiday abroad, whilst Rhys enjoyed his first holiday since being little and our first holiday together. They were both full of smiles for the most part, and if not it was nothing a bit of food or a nap couldnt fix!!


I always get a weird feeling when I’m back off holiday, as if it never happened… but it DEFFO did!! I feel much more refreshed and ready to go back to College, Work and just reality all together. It was also fun having Rhys there with us, being able to go off and do our own thing but also have family meals all together.


Rhys and I are already itching to book our next trip away (we have the holiday fever!!), looking on all the websites and Instagram accounts for potentially a Christmas/1 year bargain getaway!! Exciting!!


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