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brief pageI’m now studying Graphic Design as the second year of my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design, and since I have a few big projects this year I thought I’d take you on the journey with me (mainly so I can look back on them in years to come!) Throughout the pictures you will see my initial research, my rough sketchbook ideas and even some logo development work which is now in the process of being transferred onto business cards.

This project is a !!four-part project!!, however I’ve decided only to share one element of it at the moment as that’s the area I am enjoying the most! The part I am sharing is the *branding*.


So, what will I be needing to complete?

RESEARCH – You can’t start something without knowing a bit about whats already out there? Primary and secondary research is essential to all of our briefs inspiring ideas and being great reference points when stuck for where to go next.
A personal proposal – so this would be writing my own client brief, creating an idea of what I would like to create in terms of business concept and brand identity, style, target audience, location and everything in-between.
I then need to work on personal branding prototypes – this is fairly straight forward on paper in the way that it is just sketches and initial designs, but I have a sneaky feeling it won’t be so easy when it comes to it!
Next is the final production – this is basically the refinement and tidying of those initial designs creating them into final outcomes. Within this we must create something physical, something finished to showcase just how our brand image and business will show itself.
And of course, we finish with a reflection – making sure we annotate throughout the production process (and all processes really), ensuring the appropriateness of materials, making sure it flows with the brand image and values, and that the ideas and directions aren’t lost across multiple different concepts as this could create ambiguity to the audience.

There’s obviously a lot more technical sides to the brief but I shan’t create a *snoozefest* just yet!!

brand idea .png


I would like create a brand where I can produce my own products such as: greeting cards, posters, phone cases and key rings.
It would be an online store for the most part however extending into a small local indie store in an area such as Bristol, Bath or Cotswolds (obviously this is just an idea I have to pitch, but I would love to make something online!!!)
My target audience would be 16-30, similar to Ohhdeer and Paperchase but with a more affordable price range whilst still being sustainable and eco-friendly where possible.
I would like to incorporate my own style into the brand rather than create a synthetic image, as I feel although that would be easy in a restaurant it’s not so easy to carry out a style that isn’t me in personal illustrated products.


I guess you could see this as quite a boring post from my others but I can assure you, they will get better and there will be a lot more design to it. I just think it’s only right to write about what I am actually doing and studying since it is my area of interest, and I love these types of posts!!


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3 thoughts on “Branding in Graphic Design, Unit 23 | STUDY WITH ME

  1. Very cool Anya!
    I have been trying something like this for some time now as well.
    I use and to upload my design on a t-shirt, mug, keychain, card and what not.
    They print and send the product and you as the designer get a very small amount of money. But it’s a start.
    I have mainly been my own customer, but I actually also sold 4 pieces to bloggers on here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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