Lets Go To: Bradgate Park

Lets Go To: Bradgate Park. Click to read about my day!


Weekend in Bath

I'd always heard of Bath but never really had any desire to go... until now. Now I realise what is there, I'm just itching to go back! I went down on the train with Rhys and listening to Crash on My Couch made the journey a lot quicker! Fortunately we also managed to get seats... Continue Reading →

A Day in Oxford

On Tuesday 7th November, I visited Oxford with my college. Ashmolean Museum Pitt Rivers And of course we briefly visited the town for some food/visual merchandising research! Anya Xxx

Pre-Uni Catch-Up!

Katie is off to university, which is crazy because I feel like we're basically still 4 years old and starting primary school together (as if that was 14 years ago?????). So, we decided we would do an 'adult' girlie road trip before she disappears to be even more grown up! The initial plan was to... Continue Reading →

I Survived Kos 6.7!

Long long time, no speak/see! I haven't posted for too many months just due to life and 'stuff' but I am writing today so that's a start! A few weeks ago I went to Kos, and I've decided to share that little (longest 2 weeks ever!) adventure with you! Kos is beautiful and truly somewhere... Continue Reading →

We’re Going To The Zoo

Sooooo, I haven't posted in a while, oops! But I am back and I have some more adventures and posts to share with you! *YAY* On the 4th of June, I headed to the Zoo, and what a lovely day it was! I got to see nearly all of the animals, we even saw the... Continue Reading →

Out and About

Getting out when the weather is lovely is much easier than when its raining! So I have definitely taken advantage of this fact, whether it's just a little walk to pick my brother and sister up from school or around a country park. Recently I went to a gorgeous country park, and if you live... Continue Reading →

Kensington Adventures

Long awaited blog post that I completely forgot to write!! About a month ago, I visited Kensington for a long weekend and it was amazing! Instantly I started planning places I wanted to go, the obvious being the museums and Harrods but I also did a lot of walking that I hadn't taken into consideration... Continue Reading →

So far, I have shared advice and discussed tips on how to keep control... however today I've decided to do something different. Recently I have been to Stratford twice and really enjoyed my experience (minus one section) so I thought I would share that with you. (This post is mainly going to be a lot... Continue Reading →


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