Social Media Anxiety

Almost everybody uses social media. Social media allows you to share with others virtually, you can post, stream, like, message etc. all within seconds. It is both a blessing and a burden. Social media anxiety is very relevant today and is probably the most known. 'did she accept my friend request?' 'why hasn't he messaged... Continue Reading →



What is confidence? I have never naturally had confidence, but with these few pointers I have gained so much.

Anxiety and Me // Mental Health Tuesdays

Anxiety. Everybody suffers from anxious moments once in their life: exams, doing a big jump, moving house, interviews etc (these are all pretty rational reasons for being anxious), however anxiety disorder is a lot deeper than this. In this post I will begin to cover my experience with living with anxiety. (Over the next few... Continue Reading →

Out and About

Getting out when the weather is lovely is much easier than when its raining! So I have definitely taken advantage of this fact, whether it's just a little walk to pick my brother and sister up from school or around a country park. Recently I went to a gorgeous country park, and if you live... Continue Reading →

Happy International Day of Happiness!

Happy International Day of Happiness (what a long name), I hope you are well and... happy, on this... wonderful Monday! So, you may not know... infact you probably don't, but I have wrote a blog post for DARKSPOTS. Darkspots, is a monthly subscription box all to do with mental wellbeing and goodness! At only £10 a... Continue Reading →

We Need to Talk.

Long time, no see (or read!) We need to talk though. We  need to talk mental health. We need to spread awareness of mental health and stop glamourizing it and letting our minds ignore it. We need to break the stigma.  It isn't a 'rare' thing anymore, it is very common amongst many of us... Continue Reading →

Finally the Weekend!

It's that time of the week that everyone LOVESSSS! Or so people may think, sometimes the weekends truly are what people dread. I remember even just a few months ago: weekends, days off, school holidays etc. were just times I loathed! I would sit in my room, binge watch TV, be completely unproductive, eat rubbish... Continue Reading →

Small steps…

In life, you will hear many many people saying that they may feel anxious, worried, on edge, depressed, alone (unfortunately the list goes on)... For some people this is only a passing 'phase', like pre exam anxiety that passes once the event is over, or not having plans at the weekend and therefore feeling alone.... Continue Reading →

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