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April Monthly Faves

April is over.. well near enough! I thought I would share with you some favourites I have been loving this month... Lush Baths: So this is kinda a no brainer... Who doesn't like to use lush products??? I am going to do a separate post reviewing specifically the ones I have loved next post (so... Continue Reading →


Spring To-Do List 2018

SPRING IS HERE... although whilst I am writing this it is currently blizzarding* outside so maybe it wont be getting warm yet... *(definitely a word). I have a few things I'd like to complete this spring, things I maybe haven't done before, and things I do every year. By sharing my to-do list with you,... Continue Reading →

If We Went For Lunch

Today I have a different style of post, a little catch up for you all. It isn't your average favourites or monthly goals, more of a chat. Think if we went to grab lunch together, this is what I'd tell you!

Planning and Rewards

Happy Sunday! It's time for another longer blog post so grab a cup of your favourite drink, stick on a chilled playlist and get your comfy joggers on! (Or if you're like Jason, take them off!) We're already half way through March, which means we're nearly 1/4 of the way through 2018!!

My Make-Up Routine

This is a pretty standard post that I have seen many bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers and everybody else do... So I thought I would too. It's not something I am an expert in but it is something I do on most days.

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