Stratford Adventures

So far, I have shared advice and discussed tips on how to keep control… however today I’ve decided to do something different. Recently I have been to Stratford twice and really enjoyed my experience (minus one section) so I thought I would share that with you. (This post is mainly going to be a lot … More Stratford Adventures

Finally the Weekend!

It’s that time of the week that everyone LOVESSSS! Or so people may think, sometimes the weekends truly are what people dread. I remember even just a few months ago: weekends, days off, school holidays etc. were just times I loathed! I would sit in my room, binge watch TV, be completely unproductive, eat rubbish … More Finally the Weekend!

Small steps…

In life, you will hear many many people saying that they may feel anxious, worried, on edge, depressed, alone (unfortunately the list goes on)… For some people this is only a passing ‘phase’, like pre exam anxiety that passes once the event is over, or not having plans at the weekend and therefore feeling alone. … More Small steps…

My First Post!

So, after a lot of thought and debating and idea jotting, I have decided to begin this blog.  This time last year I tried to start one, however, didn’t have many ideas and ending up not posting and in the end just deleting it all together.  This time round I am going to focus on … More My First Post!