Trust Me, Trust Them

This post is going to be talking all about trusting someone to help you grow. It isn't always the easiest, and sometimes it doesn't seem like a possible option but it is a step.


February Sum Up

This month, I am going to show you a photo of (nearly) everyday! January seemed to last FOREVER, but where has Feb gone? I know it's technically shorter anyway but c'mon!!

Wardrobe Staples

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to outfits, if it works once that's enough for me to wear it 100000 times again. I'm also not one for big high end brands, I think I own one Tommy Hilfiger top and that's it. Primark is my best friend, however I do like to dabble... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me TAG

I have yet to do a tag during my blogging time, so since I have a few more new followers what better time to do it? I've browsed a few different tags and chose the questions I feel I can best answer, however if you have any more I can answer them in the comments... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Window Display

I mentioned in a previous blog post about my work experience in a flower shop. It is now time to clear out the soppy red overload Valentines day and install the Mother's Day display. Mother's Day seems to be a simple idea. Just anything related to mum, right? Well when it comes to themed window... Continue Reading →

Social Media Anxiety

Almost everybody uses social media. Social media allows you to share with others virtually, you can post, stream, like, message etc. all within seconds. It is both a blessing and a burden. Social media anxiety is very relevant today and is probably the most known. 'did she accept my friend request?' 'why hasn't he messaged... Continue Reading →

College Catch-Up

I've been at college for 6 months now so why not give you a quick sum up of what I have done: Sketchbooks I have submitted my first sketchbook off and I'm very close to submitting my second. I have started 2 new projects that I am very excited about! Here's a few photos that... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Bath

I'd always heard of Bath but never really had any desire to go... until now. Now I realise what is there, I'm just itching to go back! I went down on the train with Rhys and listening to Crash on My Couch made the journey a lot quicker! Fortunately we also managed to get seats... Continue Reading →

My January 2018 Playlist

Some of my favourites I have been loving listening to and watching this past month: Music Something About You -Majid Jordan: such a nice chill, but upbeat song to listen to especially when travelling! Dimelo - Rak-Su: I'm not a massive fan of X-Factor, but if you close your eyes its pretty much like summer... Continue Reading →

‘New Year, New Me’

Oh the cliche new year, new me. I'm going to start the gym and eat fruit and wear no makeup and walk everywhere... Let's be realistic, let's be mindful, let's be basic. Things I would like to achieve in 2018: • passing my driving test !! • eating at least 2 portions of fruit a... Continue Reading →

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